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I just got a replacement pair of Park Avenues and I think they have become warped from sitting so long. When I put them on they buckle out to the side at the spot they are stretched out. Any way to fix this or should I return them? The right shoe is fine, but you can see the stretched out area on the left near the opening.   
I had this and tried a shorter size and it did correct it 90%. I can't tell if the remaining is a size issue or I'm just looking for it and manifesting it in my mind. 
11 EEE seems to have fixed it. Thanks for everyones help. 
That's not what happened but thank you. I was originally going to return them as defective, now I'm going to get fitted properly and mess with the sizes, which is what everyone suggested.  Why is everyone so arrogant with this crap? We're talking about shoes....   
I'll give it a shot. I'm going to also switch to a EEE first and see if it still bows. If it does, theres no way I can do this last. 
Alright, I hate to be a pain in the ass, but I think I'm going to exchange my Strands for a different size. I'm between an 11.5 E or 11 EEE. Right now there is about an inch from my big toe to the end of the toebox in the 12D. I need more heel width and I guess I should have more width in general. I'm almost positive that the lack of heel room is causing the bowing. Do you think I should drop a full size with EEE with that bad of bowing and the inch of room up front? 
Shoes in the middle please. See here for bigger picture.
Thanks. I'm assuming it has something to do with me. I don't know why this thread got so hostile, just asking for advice and options. Is there a way to get fitted and then from there find out what shoe manufacturer to start looking at?  Also, would it be possible that a wider fit might resolve the issue or is it probably the last itself? The McAllisters and Strands seem to bow a bit. I'm just really pissed off because I love the style of them. I got the McAllister in...
At this point the PA's can't be returned so I am going to try and get the heel stretched a tiny bit to see if that makes an improvement.
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