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I bought a cheap Gap Herringbone blazer for now (losing weight) and I was initially concerned about the shoulders being too small or too big. I looked online and it almost looks like they are considered a "roped shoulder" where the arm sits slightly higher than the shoulder. Does this look to be correct?
I have a big face and I'm looking for something in the 63mm+ range and 15mm + bridge. I saw there Vuarnets that I liked, but I was wondering if there are other options for quality. Vuarnet VL 1308
I'm definitely in the more conservative camp when it comes to socks and shoelaces. Too bright and attention grabbing for me. 
My collection so far. I need some black Cap Toe Balmorals for formal occasions but I keep running into issues with the Allen Edmonds Park Avenue rear quarters being warped. I might go Alden Shell Cordovan instead. Need to find a place to be fitted. Left to Right: Walnut Strand, Black McAllister, Chili McAllister (all calf)    
Hard to capture of picture of it, I'm not a photographer. This is my first shell cordovan anything. It felt plasticky at first but its starting to break in and has a nice gloss to it. The surface reflection seems a bit uneven so I'm not sure if it's normal to polish it. What do you think?  
Decided to go for both Horween Clarks. The interior seems a little bit more well made around the heel from my previous clarks. Here's a couple photos.       
Thanks, this puts me at ease a bit. I have a bit of strange creasing under the wing tip on my McAllisters but I guess I should just enjoy the shoes. 
Those of you that have multiple pairs on the same last and same size, do you find that each style wears/feels a bit different? I have a pair of Strands in Walnut 11EEE that fit perfect, but a pair of McAllisters in Black that fit a bit tighter and crease in different areas. 
Spoke with an AE rep and she stated that some times people's feet don't work well with the thinner leather of the PA's. The rear of the strands have that border around the top line of the quarter, maybe that's why they fit great on me and don't warp. I guess I'll trade them for Black Strands. Black McAllisters seem a little too busy for me.
I'm just very scatter brained at this point. Imagine getting your hopes up 4 times in a show and then getting crushed. I considered trading them for Black Strands because I've had better luck with the Walnuts. They just seem to fit completely different overall which doesn't make any sense to me. 
New Posts  All Forums: