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  Try the Alden FAQ
Are you asking for J Crew's corporate headquarters?
Still working on a custom brief case.  I will post an update when I have photos.
New acquisition, Alden 639 LWB Alpine Grain Truflare Last   This is actually more comfortable than the Modified last if you can believe that.  
Blue Loctite
The red loctite loosens up when you heat it to facilitate removal.
It depends on a couple things.  One, you need to make sure the fit guide prints 1:1 with no page scaling.  Two, it depends on your heel to ball or arch length.  The AE guide only measure heel to toe.  Drop by a Nordstrom and get fitted or anywhere they can measure your feet with a Brannock and ask for both sizes (heel to toe and heel to ball).  Go with the larger of the two.      
Saphir Renomat will help strip off old polish if that is the desired goal.
These were  
^^^ That would look better on the Modified last.
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