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I just started with TSM seconds list.  I received the last two emails.  Seems to be going fine so far.  I also get misc marketing emails from them.
You guys are killing me.  I may have to sell some Aldens and get in on this.  How does sizing run on Viberg?
Get on The Shoe Mart seconds list.    http://www.theshoemart.com/contact/c-contact.html   Give them your size.
Yes, if only had any money left after buying the camel skin boots, I would have bought a wallet!
  Nice steal!  The 222 can be a tough fit.  Congratulations.
^^^ You should always be prepared.  I'll be at Alden NY in a few weeks.  Any advance info is appreciated.
As long as it suits your needs, go for it.  Fortune willing, never fire a shot in anger.  Otherwise, shoot straight and stay safe.
I personally have not had any malfunctions using a rail mounted light.  Though I seldom use the rail mounted light.  It had limited utility unless you have a holster that accommodates the gun/light combo.
I recommend 300-400 rounds to shakedown a new gun. That's about when you can say its broken in. If you have custom parts set, that's great. I will suggest that there are vendors like Glock who make a stock gun that's ready to go out of the box.
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