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Eh, the whole Zombie thing is fun and has helped sell truckloads of after market accessories.
To each his own.  The European lace has worked well for me on a variety of shoes.  
^^^ Congratulations!  Post photos when possible.
Try the European straight lace.  Works well on Balmorals and Derbys.
It's the Mayan Apocalypse mythos plus shows like the "Walking Dead" amplified to the consumer market.  My associate built a series of AR15s with "Zombie Hunter" branded parts which have sold very well.  It's a fad.   This is just an example, not the aforementioned AR
^^^ That
No, but adequate, cous'
What until you see it IRL.  AE marketing photos are horrible, and by that I mean really bad.
^^^ Have tried any size 4s?
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