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My Neumoks are red; so I can't help you there. But you're wife seems like a remarkable woman. I'm certain you'll be pleased with the Neumok. If you do a search on this thread, you'll see pics of the blue Neumok.
At this point, I think we have enough to go. My question again is with respect to sizing. I also pressume this would be a prepaid order. We should think about finalizing a list.
My best guess would be 8-12 weeks from order date.
The Neumoks are certainly my favorite AEs.  Still contemplating a Cronmok with a mini-lug sole.  Maybe next month.  
I usually take 11.5B TTS.  The 11C Modified is a perfect fit.  Bought my first pair this year though.
The Modified last is awesome.  My Modified NSTs are at Alden for repair.  Otherwise I'd post another photo.   10.5D LS CXL Jumpers (new in box) will be going up on B&S as soon as I get around to taking photos.
Awesome boots!
Interesting, I was already in communication with Viberg for a boot like this.  While I like the commando style sole, it's hard wearing and comfortable, I'm OK without it.  My only reservation is sizing.  I have no idea how they would fit.
^^^ If you're in patrol, "dress" boots won't serve you very well.  I like the Ridge Air Tac side zip.  They're available in steel toe if you like.  You'll find them very comfortable and durable.  The Ridge boots will also take a decent shine.  Best of luck.
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