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I think we're talking about different posts maybe. Or no?    
^^^ Nice, what are we talking about price wise? And what is your timeline?
Closing the quarters won't help if the heel cup is too big; it will only make it worse.
Don't go down any more. You probably want an 8C which they don't make.  I would try an 8.5B (which will fit very close to an 8C).     
We need twelve minimum to open.
Moulded will do it.  We can get the neo-cork sole no problem.  Alden may or may not do a commando.  We won't know until the order is ready to go in.  The problem is weak interest.   List with the above additions is as follows   1. PhiPsi32 2. Kashiwa 3. Bootspell 4. FrankCowperwood (strong maybe) 5. CBtoNYC (maybe) 6. dopey 7. jpc9   As you can see, we need to generate a little more interest.
The Platinum AMEX does not charge a currency conversion fee.  This is a recent benefit as AMEX used to charge about 5% on top of the daily exchange rate.  Hence, I used my Mastercard when abroad which only charged a 3% currency conversion.  The Platinum and I assume Black AMEX only charge the daily or average exchange rate (something like that but the point being there's no surcharge or fees hidden in the exchange rate that I can tell).   I also recommend checking the...
It's not looking good.
^^^ Very nice!  I'll have to make do with my Hummus suede PT boots for now.  If only there were more interest in a Kudu Indy  .  .  .
I've been looking for a pair just like those cigar cap toes.  Nice catch!
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