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The Cottonwood was designed to compliment the Neumok line.
That should be easy if the leather is available. Do you know what specs you want on the belt?
Can you post some individual photos of the shirts and provide some additional details?
Kudu Ultimate Indy on the Modified Last   Holy Grail (and coincidentally unattainable)  
Looks like the cobbler over laid another piece of leather to re-enforce the area.  Is that about right?
My LS x Alden conservation boots are all eyelets.  The wrap around the ankle doesn't work quite as well without the speed hooks to anchor the laces.  They occasionally slip off.
They were posted earlier in the thread.  NAMOR had a blow out.
Next time don't forget to post photos of the donuts  .  .  . 
^^^ Interesting.  I'll give it a go tomorrow and see how it shakes out.
Kudu Ultimate Indy boots in play
New Posts  All Forums: