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No, you should not live with it.  I suggest you get a fitting (anywhere) and ask the salesperson to show you your measurements.  Read up on measurements here   This is how I discovered that I had been fitted incorrectly (after trying on 15 different sizes of Park Avenue shoes).  I discovered my correct size by accident.  A proper Brannock measurement would have gotten me there in one shot.
You're usually a 9D in AE? Or some other type of shoe(s)?  You have two photos here.  What are their sizes?
I think that's a Barrie.  They don't make a Balmoral Modified as far as I know.
I'll post something tonight or maybe Saturday morning.
I think we're talking about different posts maybe. Or no?    
^^^ Nice, what are we talking about price wise? And what is your timeline?
Closing the quarters won't help if the heel cup is too big; it will only make it worse.
Don't go down any more. You probably want an 8C which they don't make.  I would try an 8.5B (which will fit very close to an 8C).     
We need twelve minimum to open.
Moulded will do it.  We can get the neo-cork sole no problem.  Alden may or may not do a commando.  We won't know until the order is ready to go in.  The problem is weak interest.   List with the above additions is as follows   1. PhiPsi32 2. Kashiwa 3. Bootspell 4. FrankCowperwood (strong maybe) 5. CBtoNYC (maybe) 6. dopey 7. jpc9   As you can see, we need to generate a little more interest.
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