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Agreed, a size 2 would probably be best.
They're not taking a list.  I tried putting a deposit down, but they won't take any orders until Alden confirms that they will make the boots.  Believe me, I tried.  It is indeed Anatomica of Paris.  I saw a sample of the boot in at Anatomica Tokyo.  They are fantastic.   I am going to check back in six months or so to see if the order is going through.    
Whoops, disregard. They are indeed a size 3.  I forgot.  They have only a couple styles in size 4.  My mistake.
^^^  Yes, modified.  Best fitting last I've worn so far.
I'm trying to snag a ravello PT boot from Anatomica but Alden won't confirm the order.  Otherwise, I'm pretty open. Color #8 or Cigar shell is preferred.  
Eh, not that it helps, but I am a 10.5 on the Barrie and the size 4 MOTO is just a bit snug in me. 
Some Neats Foot Oil will keep the leather soft. Otherwise, maintain a good polish on the shoes.  You shoud be fine.
A reputable MTM reseller will stand behind the product.  If it doesn't fit as promised, give him a chance to make it right.  If you don't like it, then have him re-order it or give you a refund.
And I haven't even started with Alden shell!  I suspect I'll be adding a few more pairs to the stable!
Customer Service Note   I was having a horrible problem with my black calf NSTs from Moulded Shoe.  They had a VERY loud squeaking problem.  I sent them back to Moulded shoe, but they were unable to correct the problem.  I considered my options and decided to send them back to the Alden factory.  Alden called me the same day that they received the shoes.  The agent apologized for the issue and promised that they would "make it right".  He quoted a four week turn...
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