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Here are some photos of a new product in the Hellbrand line.   The smuggler's duffel.  Heavy waxed canvas, boot leather from Red Wing's tannery, removable industrial grade liner, Riri zippers, false floor, and a hidden compartment.              
This used to be a collegial thread. 
Briefcase is in production. Photos in a few weeks maybe.
Go for the suede.
I was just at the 5th Ave store.  Not all the in-store items are on the website (if they are I didn't see them).  But for the most part everything is online.  In-store stock can vary.  They seem to sell out of popular sizes and colors very quickly.  I saw the MIJ raw denim, but only in regular and relaxed fit.  Then again, they have product scattered all over the place.  I may have missed it.     I overheard an SA talking to another customer.  He seemed to think that the...
Nice.  I was browsing in the Fifth Ave store today.  This was the only flannel that caught my eye.  Didn't pull the trigger though.  
Try the Uniqlo thread   http://www.styleforum.net/t/24752/the-uniqlo-thread
^^^ That's the way ot should work.  I ordered a MTMsport coat.  It didn't come out right.  The vendor set me up with his contract tailor who adjusted it to my specifications.  No fuss and at no cost to me.  If it didn't come out right, I wouldn't have paid for it. 
Eh, a size 3 may work for you.  It might be a little loose, but boots are more more tolerant in terms of sizing.  If you plan to wear boot socks, then I think it will be fine.  A size 2 may be snug but not uncomfortable.
Finalizing the specs on my briefcase.  Will post photos when completed. 
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