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It is essentially a lined Neumok with a colored welt, mini-lug sole, and contrast stitching.  Previously a WebGem, but the black and brown versions seem to be on the regular catalog now. 
Did anyone notice that the Ridgeway was back on the menu?  
Judgmental, on SF?  Most of us are on the forum precisely because we're critical about style.  Serious and snarky criticisms/commentaries are to be expected.
That's quite disturbing.  I wonder if something softer like a crepe sole would prevent that from happening.
The jeans rolled up over the boots isn't a good look for me, but I can see how it would work for a young hipster.  Depends on the context.
Chocolate suede is traditionally more of a fall/winter color, but it works well here. Very nice!
^^^ Sounds like a pretty good idea  .  .  .
My short answer is no.  But if it's that important to you B Nelson or another cobbler can re-sole the boots for you for a nominal fee.  Maybe not the answer you were looking for but something to consider.   Sweet boots BTW  .  .  .  
As it happens, Kyle offered to re-last the Venetian loafers on the 555. Not sure what last was on there before.  Nor am I sure when they will come in, but I must say the Rancourts are stand up business people.  I didn't ask for any consideration.  I was ready to move onto to something else, but I'm optimistic that the adjustments will work out fine.  
New Posts  All Forums: