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  They'll make one for you at a slight upcharge.
^^^ Seems to be a common complaint, even when they were just B&M in NYC. 
What?  Oh, right  .  .  .  we were just joking.   Seriously though, I've found the Ridgeways to be a little stiff.  Now that I've worked them into my daily rotation, they seem to be breaking in nicely.
^^^ I got fired from that job.  Now I work in a missile factory supervising the construction and assembly of electronic guidance systems.
Ridgeways at the office  
^^^ Send them an email and ask for it to be added to the US portfolio.
I was there one time, albeit recently.  It's in or around Sumida near the water.  Kashiwa can perhaps give you more precise directions.
I'm not one for black shoes, but that pair is calling to me.  I'll have to get back to Tokyo and try them on!
New Posts  All Forums: