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Alas, they don't seem to have my size.  Would like to see these IRL.   Very tempting.  If only I hadn't just received the LS snuff PT boot.      
Post some photos when they arrive!
Where exactly did you see a #8 longwing?
Not my size, but still awesome.
Navy suede cap toe derby?  Where is that from? (Awesome shoes!)
As a flat foot, I wear the #5 last, PA, Strand, Neumok, Ridgeway.  It's took some tuning with regard to size, but they fit pretty well.  I can walk around most of the day without pain or discomfort.     I'm glad you found something that works.  I still think you can finagle a #5 last shoe, but you may have to try the trial an error route.  If the 9D is the best fit so far, you might also try a 9.5C.  Everyone is always saying the #5 last runs long and and going up in...
The re-lasted loafers are ready to ship.  Will post after they come in.  And by all means, if you see me at the airport, feel free to shout out.
It is essentially a lined Neumok with a colored welt, mini-lug sole, and contrast stitching.  Previously a WebGem, but the black and brown versions seem to be on the regular catalog now. 
Did anyone notice that the Ridgeway was back on the menu?  
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