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^^^How about a truce for the holiday?     Cross post from the Alden thread       Alden x LS Kudu Ultimate Indy Unbranded 101s At the airport for Thanksgiving
  Agreed, the contrast laces really catch the eye.  And thank you!       Awesome!  I'm still without a shell make up.  I need to fix that.  Safe travels.     Thank you, sir!  I am enjoying some of the local water north of the border.  Have a great holiday!
Alden for Thanksgiving.        Kudu Indy at the airport.   Have a good holiday, gents.  (and good tidings to all the non US members)
What's wrong with this? Ho ho ho!
^^^ I used to have that problem at my apartment. Then I got to know my regular driver and worked out an arrangement.
File a complaint the day it's delivered. They should give you your money back at least.
Same here.  The only laces I have that are wearing down are on my conservation boots which have all eyelets.  Check for burrs on the eyelets or hooks.
I've noticed the cap toe length can vary quite a bit from shoe to shoe.  I tried several pairs when sizing for the PA.  Some had short caps.  Others were longer.
^^^ I purchased my first pair of AEs from Nordstrom.  I wasn't sure about the size, and the SA said wear them for a few weeks.  If you don't like them, bring them back. That kind of service is hard to beat.
  I have a mocha kid suede plain cap toe bal.  It was a close out from that other American shoemaker.  They've served me very well. 
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