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Sorry, missed that ^^^^.  What are the deets on these?
Actually L.A. Guy speaks very highly of the Uniqlo jeans. Not everything at Uniqlo is a gem, no. But they generally punch above their weight at the price point offered. I'm sure there are other labels that offer the same or better for acomparable price. But Uniqlo is pretty solid. For me, it's one of the nest off the rack fits I've found so far.
I was skeptical about the cork-neo sole, but it's sturdy and provides good traction. They're probably not as good for snow and ice. However, I daresay I prefer them to the commando sole. If you look cloesly at the photo, you can see the toe starting to crease. The camel has softened with wear and become more flexible. I spent the day on foot and didn't have any complaints.
Took my MOTO camel boots for a stroll through downtown Vancouver. The weather is cold, windy, and wet. I wasn't sure how they would hold up, but the cork-neo soles performed very well. And with a little drying time the boots look good.
There is a fit guide on the website. Take the measurements and then call Viberg to work out your size.
^^^ I'd be very interested to see these boots after a refurb.
I have a 10.5D LS Ultimate Jumper, brown CXL, new in box which I'm open for a trade.  Otherwise, its going on B&S.
No, that is actually carpet.
Uniqlo just seems to fit me pretty well whereas with other brands I usually have to have the clothes tailored adding to the cost. The quality is pretty good, and the prices are reasonable.
Eh, to each his own. I conditioned my CXL boots when I got them but not much else since then. They have picked up several scuffs and marks which I don't feelthe need to buff out. But I'm sure with some work, ^^^^ those boots will be fine. That's the mark of a well made boot IMO opinion. Even after use and abuse they can be rehabilitated.
New Posts  All Forums: