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^^^ That's a good plan.
I usually run 400-500 rounds through before I consider the handgun broken in. Also I would make some effort to diagnose the FTEs as well.
The Modified really hugs your instep. I think you will like it.   Post photos when they arrive.
I've had good luck just brushing the scratches.  Otherwise a small dab of Venetian or Saphir.    
  Thank you.  The web photos are really bad.  It's ridiculous. 
The AE website photos are horrible.  I emailed customer feedback regarding this issue.  customerfeedback@allenedmonds.com   If you feel the same way, please email AE and tell them to you want to see better photos on the website.  
No, not TTS (which would be 11.5B).  Again, 11C seems like it would be the optimal size.  No charge for the re-lasting, but I presume that this a one shot deal.
Re-lasting update.  My loafers came in.  They look great.  The fit is OK.  Just a little loose, but wearable.  I had a choice between a "D" and a "B" width.  I went with the "D".  A "C" would be just right I think.  Keep an eye out.  They should be easy to spot at the airport.
These are still my favorite boots.  Very nice, sir. 
UPS and FedEx will add a broker fee (for handling the paperwork) even when there is no duty owed on the imported goods.  Whenever possible, I have the goods shipped by the postal service (Royal Mail etc.).  The US Postal Service handles the delivery on our side, and they have never charged me a broker fee only the actual duties owed. Hope this helps.  
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