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No, not TTS (which would be 11.5B).  Again, 11C seems like it would be the optimal size.  No charge for the re-lasting, but I presume that this a one shot deal.
Re-lasting update.  My loafers came in.  They look great.  The fit is OK.  Just a little loose, but wearable.  I had a choice between a "D" and a "B" width.  I went with the "D".  A "C" would be just right I think.  Keep an eye out.  They should be easy to spot at the airport.
These are still my favorite boots.  Very nice, sir. 
UPS and FedEx will add a broker fee (for handling the paperwork) even when there is no duty owed on the imported goods.  Whenever possible, I have the goods shipped by the postal service (Royal Mail etc.).  The US Postal Service handles the delivery on our side, and they have never charged me a broker fee only the actual duties owed. Hope this helps.  
I use boot trees on my Truebalance boots, split toe tree for the Modified last shoes/boots, and full toe trees for the remaining.
Can't comment on durability.  I tried on a few pairs at the AE store.  The fit was a bit sloppy.  I couldn't get the size dialed in.  I went with the Alden 1494 instead.
At the risk of being repetitive, I suggest reviewing the Brannock fitting instructions here.   And don't be shy, ask the SA what he is measuring and ask for a comparison between the heel-to-toe and heel-to-ball measurements.  It may save you some trouble.
Depends on what you mean by "good". 
No, but I have an associate who lost a dramatic amount of weight (~100lbs) and he went down in shoe size.
  It's looks great when you get your hands on it.  It exceeded my expectations.
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