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I saw the new line up today.  The brogues are beefy and remind me of Tricker's.  I managed to score a pair of the brown camel boots, size 3.  The camel boots are on the way out; so I wanted to get a pair while they're still available.  A quick change at my hotel, and they were out on the streets of Tokyo for the evening.  Photos to follow once I get back state side.
Interesting, I'll be at MOTO this Friday or Saturday.  Maybe I'll see you there.
I take the Plaza/Hampton AE #5 TTS.  I have not found the Plaza toe box to be roomy.  It's snug but loosens up a little bit with wear.  
In California, you can wear whatever you want.  
^^^ That's a good plan.
I usually run 400-500 rounds through before I consider the handgun broken in. Also I would make some effort to diagnose the FTEs as well.
The Modified really hugs your instep. I think you will like it.   Post photos when they arrive.
I've had good luck just brushing the scratches.  Otherwise a small dab of Venetian or Saphir.    
  Thank you.  The web photos are really bad.  It's ridiculous. 
The AE website photos are horrible.  I emailed customer feedback regarding this issue.  customerfeedback@allenedmonds.com   If you feel the same way, please email AE and tell them to you want to see better photos on the website.  
New Posts  All Forums: