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Try Saphir Renomat   http://www.riderbootshop.com/saphir-renomat/  
I've never seen anything go on sale.  All the goods are hand made.  And as far as I can tell, they're reasonably priced for what you get.
Absolutely, I purchased the snuff Neumok as a casual shoe, and it works well.  The unlined suede and oiled single leather sole make it VERY comfortable too.  I find the tone on tone lacing a bit dreary and prefer the colored laces instead.  
It would have been nice if the MTO took off. I like the Modified last, but I am not a fan of the PCT.
I agree with you there. The black brogue is not an allpurpose shoe, but it works very well when a black shoe is appropriate.
I actually like the black wingtip/medallion cap toe. Just not in Allen Edmonds. This is the McAllister
^^^ All these all shell cordovan? Or different materials?
Thank you.
Would you be willing to disclose the cost of the Apex upgrades (parts/labor/shipping)?
  You'll probably see it again as a WebGem
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