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^^^ Yes, indeed.  I got a chance to see a pair of these that were worn by one of the owners during a cross country bike ride.  It's very interesting to see and lay hands on the before and after boots.  The leather starts out very stiff, but the well worn boots are incredibly supple.  It was a difficult choice between the MOTO camel boots and the offerings at MOTOR.  I need to find a second and a third job so I can save enough money to go back.
I'm not sure actually.  I didn't ask, but my guess would be around $1200. [[SPOILER]]  
I had occasion to stop in at Anatomica in Tokyo.  I noticed this suede makeup which they call "navy blue" but the color seems to be deeper and have a touch of sea green when viewed in natural light. Modified last.      
I have two pairs of Truflare wingtips, the burgundy and alpine grain.  Awesome shoes.  They fit TTS.  The Atom used to be on the trueflare but recent makeups have been on the Barrie or the Tremont as on the Leffot pre-order list.  
It was a tough choice.  I liked the white camel boot (didn't see any chukkas unfortunately).  But I opted for the brown as it is a better fit overall for my wardrobe. Again, the brogue wingtips look really good too.  They are worth checking out in person if you have the opportunity.
I was told as much.  They were not on display.  You have to ask for them specifically.  And presumably they are limited to stock on hand as they don't plan to make any more.
I saw the new line up today.  The brogues are beefy and remind me of Tricker's.  I managed to score a pair of the brown camel boots, size 3.  The camel boots are on the way out; so I wanted to get a pair while they're still available.  A quick change at my hotel, and they were out on the streets of Tokyo for the evening.  Photos to follow once I get back state side.
Interesting, I'll be at MOTO this Friday or Saturday.  Maybe I'll see you there.
I take the Plaza/Hampton AE #5 TTS.  I have not found the Plaza toe box to be roomy.  It's snug but loosens up a little bit with wear.  
In California, you can wear whatever you want.  
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