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Muy caliente!  
That wouldn't surprise me . . .
  Is my web browser broken?  Or did the seller post one picture of just the box?
  Depends on the environment the shoes are stored in, but generally I wouldn't worry.  Give them a healthy treatment with leather conditioner prior to storage if you have any concerns.    Perhaps I'm the outlier, but Alden has treated me very well.  I've sent two pairs back for service and both times they called me right away to go over the issues.  Both times I got my shoes back within a few weeks, no charge, and they threw in some shoe bags to boot.  No fuss or hassle...
Not sure how unrealistic $600+ shoes are for you, but don't break the bank.  Calf and suede are very nice also.  
Time to start panicking  .  .  .  
I wear the Modified last TTS, that's how I was fitted at Moulded shoe.
Do they fit well?  Are they comfortable?  
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