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  Same here. Nick from Horween recommends Venetian for CXL.  I've found it works well.
Call AE and tell them what you want. They'll make it.
Makes sense to me. Thank you for the information.AE can make a discontinued model provided they have the pattern on file.
And now back to the shoes!
  That is my understanding, yes.
  Love the Ravello LWBs!     My pleasure, sir!  Looking forward to seeing more photos when the weather changes.
Congrats!!! Post photos please.
Double cuff works well with beefy casual boots.We should do a Lexol group buy.
I'm not aware that Alden changes the insole. They all replace the cork midsole. The insole is not designed to be replaced, to the best of my knowledge.
The difference in size between the 9.5E and the 10D is actually very small.  Depending on the last and the shape of your foot, you may find the fit is so similar you can't notice the difference.         Nordstrom has done this for me.  Order in store.  Drop shipped from AE.
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