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Thank you!
Too many people looking at shoes.
     People seem to love or hate the Glock.  I've worked with a variety of handguns over the years.  The Glock has been a consistent performer in terms of speed and accuracy.  The consistent trigger pull and short trigger reset allow the operator to deliver quick follow up shots.  The experience will vary depending upon the type of action you are used to and your style of shooting.  I picked up an H&K with the LEM trigger shortly after they came to market.  I hated it at...
Any recommendations for a suede cleaner?
Depends on what look you want. I ordered my service boot with the unstructured toe. Should crush nicely with some wear.
Ameriglo names a solid night sight. Good value for the $$$$.
Springfield GI 1911
Service boot on the 110 looks good. Plenty of photos on the Viberg blog.
You can do a service boot on any last.
I keep my dip in the front pocket.
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