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I have a pair of tanker boots with the crepe sole. I'm very pleased with them.     That's been my recent experience with Alden for warranty work, about three weeks.  Plus, the factory staff was very responsive.   
Olive Strandmoks at the airport.
Thank you
  This has been my experience as well.
Apologies if this was previously covered, but may I ask what specifically is it that you like about the M&P?
  The kitchen sink .  .  .     To answer both at one time, the whole shoe is mushy yes.  Of course there is a heel cup which gives it a little bit of structure.  The Neumok runs just a little large and the pliability will give way to your foot (mostly).  My Neumoks started just a little snug.  They are now just a little loose.   I think you'll find them to your liking.
Yes, Springfield GI Mil-Spec. Gets the job done.
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