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Oops, 11.5B is my size. Looks like they replicated the order too well . . .
Interesting, I'll take a look.
The order has not been confirmed.  I didn't see a Kudu Indy Truebalance on the site.  Regardless, I believe that production is based on a number of factors such as when the order is placed, what materials are needed, which last is needed, and the availability of the lasts (i.e. they are not being used to build shoes for another order).  It might take another three months for the order to be confirmed.
Well, as recently as a few months ago, I couldn't most dealers to call me back regarding ARs (local and out of state).  The couple I did reach wouldn't take a deposit against future inventory because they didn't know when the orders would be filled.  If that's changed, then it's good news.
The photos on the AE website are horrible.  ALL of them without exception, the shoes always look better in real life.    
AR15s are on tight supply.  Even used models are selling well over $1000.  New rifles are back ordered a year or more out.
Congratulations, now do it again  .  .  .
Nice combo, sir!
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