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  Uncle Mac, you are the king.
  Great info, thank you!
  Keep it simple.  Master the four in hand.  
  Not sure if you've made the run from Vancouver to Victoria.  It's not exactly a quick trip.
  You and me both.  I prefer to go in for a fitting before ordering online.
You have quite a bit of latitude in selecting a suit.  Wool is a safe choice.  Mohair, cashmere, or blended fabrics are also reasonable choices.  For your stature, stick with a two button jacket.  Creates a deeper "V" and accentuates the vertical line.  Stay away from three button or double breasted jackets.  Omit the cuffed pants and shoot for a one inch break on the trouser hem.  You can go with a single or double vent.  Opinions may vary, but the vents make it easier...
  It's a personal choice.  You can return the seconds, but there's no guarantee you can find a better pair.  With first quality, you can ask for a different pair if needed.  Whether first quality or seconds, AE provides very good customer service.
No doubt Alden fits a variety of styles.  I'm still a big fan but would like to branch out.  I have a pair of George Cleverlys on order (thank you Leather Soul), I'm in the process of ordering a pair of boots from Viberg, and 'd like to try Carmina and Trickers.  At least one pair of each so I can diversify a bit.
AE makes their own belts from the same leathers as their shoes.
  If there are other brands you'd like to try, then you may want to pursue that.  Move outside your comfort zone so to speak.  You might something you like just as much.
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