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  I'm not sure about "great", but with the right jeans and a jacket and tie you can pull it off.
Try the 10s again.  But you just might want to try the "E" width if available.  Otherwise, I might abandon the #2 last.  It's difficult to get a good fit.  I'm one of many that have walked away from the 2 last.      
      I would generally agree with the above.  The #2 last is exceptionally narrow.  I never did find a size that worked for me.  What part of your toe does the crease dig in to?
      I also dislike the fact that Alden won't take shell cordovan on the Modified last for Moulded (except for the occasional black shell makeup).  But I keep buying Alden shoes.  It's frustrating.
Will do.
  For dress belts, you might just consider shell cordovan or custom make ups.  You can buy a top quality custom belt from Rancourt or Hellbrand Leather Works for nearly the same price as a ready to wear from AE.
Here's to breaking 80 and staying in good health.
     If we're talking about our experiences, I will say that all of my contacts with Viberg have been very positive (Brett Viberg, Guy, Morgan, factory staff).  I first contacted Viberg, oh, maybe last November.  I've been in contact with them off and on since then.  I didn't always get an immediate response (in some cases it took a few days), but I always received a reply. The communications were always cordial and thoughtfully composed.  When I called the factory, the...
Have you tried calling?
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