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Burnished tan all the way . . .
No news on the Modified Kudu Indy.  Members who wish to withdraw from the list should contact Moulded shoe for a deposit refund.
I have not received any news.  I will follow up Monday and report back.
My thanks, gentlemen.  I've been off the radar lately.  Life has gotten in the way of Alden acquisitions.  I hate it when that happens!!!!
The refund is optional.  We can wait or cancel.
     I contacted Rafael; Rafael will contact Alden; then I'll get a message back.  I'll post the news when I receive it.  If Alden has not confirmed the order, we have the option of canceling in which case all deposits will be refunded.
     Thank you, sir.  I like the Uniqlo offerings, but the US online store seems to be out of stock most of the time.  I have two pair of Bonobos pants, the Acey Ducey and Sandtraps. They're OK.  Haven't tried the Maide line.  I tried the Puma Tech pants and Under Armour Bent Grass.  They're both full rise.  I must admit that I've gotten used to pants that sit a little below the waist.
Any reccomendations for golf pants?
One month isn't that bad.  I returned to the game after a four month hiatus.  You'd have thought I'd never played golf before.  Glad to hear you're getting back to it.
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