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The refund is optional.  We can wait or cancel.
     I contacted Rafael; Rafael will contact Alden; then I'll get a message back.  I'll post the news when I receive it.  If Alden has not confirmed the order, we have the option of canceling in which case all deposits will be refunded.
     Thank you, sir.  I like the Uniqlo offerings, but the US online store seems to be out of stock most of the time.  I have two pair of Bonobos pants, the Acey Ducey and Sandtraps. They're OK.  Haven't tried the Maide line.  I tried the Puma Tech pants and Under Armour Bent Grass.  They're both full rise.  I must admit that I've gotten used to pants that sit a little below the waist.
Any reccomendations for golf pants?
One month isn't that bad.  I returned to the game after a four month hiatus.  You'd have thought I'd never played golf before.  Glad to hear you're getting back to it.
Oops, 11.5B is my size. Looks like they replicated the order too well . . .
Interesting, I'll take a look.
The order has not been confirmed.  I didn't see a Kudu Indy Truebalance on the site.  Regardless, I believe that production is based on a number of factors such as when the order is placed, what materials are needed, which last is needed, and the availability of the lasts (i.e. they are not being used to build shoes for another order).  It might take another three months for the order to be confirmed.
Well, as recently as a few months ago, I couldn't most dealers to call me back regarding ARs (local and out of state).  The couple I did reach wouldn't take a deposit against future inventory because they didn't know when the orders would be filled.  If that's changed, then it's good news.
New Posts  All Forums: