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No photos. I haven't opened it yet. Will do so this weekend.
 I am still in also, waiting for update from Moulded.  At the time of the MTO, confirmed orders were being delivered in 9 months. If that's still true, we may be looking at a March-April 2015 delivery.
 FYI, two years later, the ravello modified last PT boot is now in . . . sheesh!
^^^^ Nice pics . . .  reminds of why suede is my favorite . . .
  It's very disappointing, but the online photos are not very good. IMO the shoes look much better in real life. After a few visits to an AE store, I became comfortable with the product lines, fit, color, and material. Then I started ordering by phone from an AE store. Short answer, with some experience you will become more comfortable and confident ordering AEs without trying them on.
 Suede is robust and versatile.  Learn to love it, and it will treat you very well.  Though it's a matter of taste; I like the Indy boots after they've been beaten up a bit.  Adds character.  More importantly, the boots are built to withsatnd the abuse.  Don't worry about it and enjoy your Indys!
 Thank you, sir.  Indys were very comfortable. I'm tempted to try them on a more difficult trail and see if the same is true.  Commando sole is a plus.
I've been dark for a while. Even though I have a lot of catching up to do, thought I'd share this Kudu Indy boots on Table Mountain
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