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Fuku burger
No advice, eh?
I am looking for slip-on style boots that are going to be able to put up with some abuse but still look good.  I work in a business that has me walking through residential construction sites often, so I don't want something that I have to be concerned about getting destroyed, but I also don't want the typical Georgia Boot "Romeo" look.  Rubber soles are an absolute must.   They need to be slip-on because when I am not in homes that are in some stage of construction, I am...
I am with Rookje, that seems like a bad decision.
Cap or plain toe would be my choice if longevity and flexibility are of primary concern, though I have no issue with split toe and own them myself.
Barbour? I considered the same one, but didn't pull the trigger.
Is she worth changing your clothes to avoid "embarrassing" her?
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