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  In the end it all sums up to your decision and I believe it will be the best for the forums and the members, new and old. I like this idea because there are a lot of un-usefull threads clogging up the "system" but you should not rush things out and chase away members that may contribute. I am glad that we can have this kinds of discussion with the administration, it shows us yo care a lot :)      
I just think that not all members should suffer because of the idiotic behavior of a few. I am a long time readers of StyleForum yet  I do not post regularly. To be honest I am one of the members with least posts on my own website and forums which is ironic for an administrator is it not? There will always be new people searching for a specific pair of shoes or jeans or something else and when they do not get their answer in the Ask a question thread, they make a new...
So, I am looking to buy these Armani sneakers but I can't find them anywhere else besides ProjektClothing. Has anyone seen an online store besides ProjektClothing that carries these?  
I have been looking for this pair of Armani sneakers/ shoes but I can't find them anywhere but ProjektClothing. Does anyone know an online store besides ProjektClothing that carries this exact sneakers?
Thanks, I know Yoox but they are not wiling to ship in my country, Macedonia. Taobao? Can you please give me a link. I think I found it but I am not quite sure. I want to check it out.   Wow, thanks...   Thank you!
Any online stores that carry Tommy Hilfiger, Armani and Burberry and ship to Europe except the official stores? I have cracked opened my head but I managed to find very little stores that ship to Europe and I like none of the stuff they carry.    
Hi all, Does anyone know here can I get this exact pair of Armani Jeans? I have found them at Wood House Clothing and ZeeandCo but those stores don't actually "fit" me.  
I just received my brand new Tommy Hilfiger watch which I fancy a lot. I like the feeling of breaking in the new leather straps as always. What do you think? It's nothing limited, or high-end or luxurious but it will do a pretty god job for a day watch just for a change.      
My favorite watch is the Rolex Sea Dweller Deepsea 116660   but I love my Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Calibre 17 and my Carrera Day Date as well   I have this Tommy HIlfiger on the way as a birthday treat to myself I'd love to know what you think of my small collection which I tend to expand.
I think I am a tad too young for these shoes but I actually love most of the ones that have been posted here. I still mostly use elegant sneakers and I mix thing up a bit with my Nubuck Wheat or Dark Tanned Timberland boots but I just don't still see my self if these shoes :D
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