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They make Etro suits, if you're familliar with those it will help. Boglioli is considered to be one of the best suits out there for a relatively reasonable price. A sportcoat will run you around $900. Suits are around $1,100. They do have some quality pick stitiching, and are half-canvassed. The shoulder is lightly padded, and they do a nice, high armhole. I've never seen any diffusion lines.
All arguments aside here, given the quality of the product Vass produces, do any of you really think they are worth as little as $550? Name me one other maker that charges this price for a comprable product. Vass at $550 was an anomoly, sort of like Jantzen at $40.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher This thread is a ridiculous combination of greedy crybabies that should be locked. I'm rather ashamed of most of the behavior here, as well as the lack of understanding how the luxury-goods distribution market works. Agreed... this is by far the ugliest thread I've ever seen on the forum since we started. AHariss and Gabor are great guys that only have good intentions, and for them to be badmouthed here...
Wild Turkey on the rocks.
I'm looking for ideas... it's the first of our group of friends to go. He's only 24.
The worst is... "You still workin' on that..." Umm yea...
Quote: Originally Posted by howbah The trouble is, Thom Browne suits apparently become more wearable the more they depart from Mr Browne's paradigm. I would suggest that that is not a good thing to say of a designer. Thom Browne fans: if you want to champion the guy, wear the clothes that most accurately reflect his vision. To compromise, in this instance, is to admit defeat. I've heard TB say himself that just because *he* wears his...
Cucinelli makes a nice vest... but, it will run you around the same.
Quote: Originally Posted by SilverSurfer I was shocked to read this, as they are almost universally condemned in New York, especially in the Wall Street and professional setting. In the past five years at my firm, for example, ... they both stopped after a lot of ribbing from the rest of the lawyers. Umm dude... not everyone works at a law firm or bank. I don't think I speak for myself when I say the person who I would least take...
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn it's definately no placebo...it actually works if you don't get enough b12 in your diet, which chances are, you don't. also it is injected into a muscle. Yes, but what are the benefits? Does it give you more energy, and for how long?
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