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Quote: Originally Posted by korinkahn According to Oswalds' bio he is 100% self-taught in the disipline of tailoring-so he is not really a true Savile Row tailor, right? There have been hundreds of pages written on this forum defining the word "tailor;" mostly pedantic IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by lapu lapu Q: What's the deal with raw or selvage jeans? I've heard that you can't wash them because they'll lose their color. True? A: Trend victims are walking around in filthy jeans because they are afraid to wash them and make them look slightly lighter. There is a natural life cycle to jeans. They start out dark blue, they get washed and worn, and eventually they wind up abraded and maybe in Africa with all the old CK...
As you noted, the collar points are a bit long; the underband on it could be a bit higher as well for an exact copy of the Keaton.. However, that height should be customized for your measurements.
Did you lounge with the Viscount and Viscountess Paul de Rosiere, and their son Roland?
Quote: Originally Posted by Jovan I hate it when stuff is pinned at the back on models or mannequins. It's such... dishonest advertisement. [/url] Really?? They don't pin the jackets for a tailored appearance, otherwise it wouldn't look good. I can't think of one decently merchandised store that doesn't do this.
It's very possible the jacket is Cantarelli as well.
They make Etro suits, if you're familliar with those it will help. Boglioli is considered to be one of the best suits out there for a relatively reasonable price. A sportcoat will run you around $900. Suits are around $1,100. They do have some quality pick stitiching, and are half-canvassed. The shoulder is lightly padded, and they do a nice, high armhole. I've never seen any diffusion lines.
All arguments aside here, given the quality of the product Vass produces, do any of you really think they are worth as little as $550? Name me one other maker that charges this price for a comprable product. Vass at $550 was an anomoly, sort of like Jantzen at $40.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher This thread is a ridiculous combination of greedy crybabies that should be locked. I'm rather ashamed of most of the behavior here, as well as the lack of understanding how the luxury-goods distribution market works. Agreed... this is by far the ugliest thread I've ever seen on the forum since we started. AHariss and Gabor are great guys that only have good intentions, and for them to be badmouthed here...
Wild Turkey on the rocks.
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