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Quote: Originally Posted by sloaney I found shopping in London a very civilized experience if you avoid Oxford Street and the major departmental stores. Especially Harrod's. A tackier store could not possibly exist. I was very dissapointed. It cannot possibly be tackier than your post.
Quote: Originally Posted by sloaney The truth is that I've never enjoyed shopping in New York because of the attitude of the staff in the stores. I brought this up to my intercultural trainer, a rather aristocratic middle aged woman. She pointed out that in London, what matters is class. "Your postcode says everything," she points out, after describing how tattered Prince Phillip's suit was when she last met him at a tea party. In the US, salespeople...
Quote: Originally Posted by headtowall perfection. That's terrible. It looks like these guys shop at Hot Topic.
That is a nice spread on the collar; easy to wear as well for most guys. I'm quick to dismiss anyone who has hard and fast rules about the amount of spread on a collar. I've heard some people say a fat, round head doesn't look right with a spread collar. Sounds good in theory, but it isn't necessarily true; i've seen guys like this that look great with a cutaway collar.
"Since" does not mean "because."
Did you recognize him by the mark of the 1, the triple tweed?
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Average is the worst. At least at the polar ends of taste, there is distinction, albeit dubious. Great observation/statement; couldn't be more true. It's better to express something rather then nothing at all.
Did he speak, like this?
Quote: Originally Posted by korinkahn my point is Oswald has no business exploiting/prostituting the name of Savile Row- he is disgusting Whoa!
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