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Zegna's aren't that ostentatious that someone would notice it negatively. It's a rather bland suit, perfect for an interview.
Scroll over solution if you want to see it... The trick is making return trips with strategic pairs and making trips with unlikely combos. The mom and dad can travel together. The policeman can escort the second to last person leaving the theif alone on one side. The policeman can then return alone to pick up the theif.
Since there are so few pieces used for actual runway shows, it would be hard trying to locate a lot of them. After the runway shows most of the pieces go out to photo shoots for either advertising or editorial work. The chances of these pieces being lost while out on a shoot is very high. The things that make it back are usually sold at sample sales if the employees don't grab them first.
Quote: Originally Posted by sloaney I found shopping in London a very civilized experience if you avoid Oxford Street and the major departmental stores. Especially Harrod's. A tackier store could not possibly exist. I was very dissapointed. It cannot possibly be tackier than your post.
Quote: Originally Posted by sloaney The truth is that I've never enjoyed shopping in New York because of the attitude of the staff in the stores. I brought this up to my intercultural trainer, a rather aristocratic middle aged woman. She pointed out that in London, what matters is class. "Your postcode says everything," she points out, after describing how tattered Prince Phillip's suit was when she last met him at a tea party. In the US, salespeople...
Quote: Originally Posted by headtowall perfection. That's terrible. It looks like these guys shop at Hot Topic.
That is a nice spread on the collar; easy to wear as well for most guys. I'm quick to dismiss anyone who has hard and fast rules about the amount of spread on a collar. I've heard some people say a fat, round head doesn't look right with a spread collar. Sounds good in theory, but it isn't necessarily true; i've seen guys like this that look great with a cutaway collar.
Quote: Originally Posted by topcatny Seeing how I have spent the last 13 years in the retail/wholesale industry (I have worked for Macy's, Lord & Taylor, Liz Claiborne and Calvin Klein Jeans). I can safely state that the definition I put forth above is how any major retailer will refer to markup and margin. Carefull of those wikipedia entries they can be misleading... I'll second what Topcatny quoted above as correct. His way is the only...
"Since" does not mean "because."
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