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Quote: Originally Posted by Roger Other authorities have weighed in in other arenas. Wear a dimple if you like it. Don't if you don't like it. There's no "rule" here, just personal preference. What authorities? Also, I don't think anyone is debating a "rule" on this. They just seem to be saying that it looks unsophistocated dimpleless.
[quote=Manton]You mean more like this? /QUOTE] That doesn't look like a silk tie. I have a few cashmere ties and wool ties that aren't able to dimple. I think that's the case in the photo above.
Quote: Originally Posted by Quirk People are divided on this in the same way that people are divided on the matter of whether you should wear socks with a suit. Ok, slight exaggeration. But dimple, damnit. I don't wear socks with some of my suits.
Quote: Originally Posted by Roger In addition, the founder of the London Lounge, Michael Alden, doesn't seem to consider a dimple part of good style, as the following picture shows (Mr. Alden is modeling the London Lounge Club Tie, a spectacular Charvet). [...] I used to tie a knot like that when I had to wear a blazer and tie to high school. But honestly, I I don't even see how it's a question among people that consider themselves well...
It seems to me the only people divided on this are the ones who debate whether or not to match their tie and pocket square.
Anyone know of a good place in Mahattan that is offering decent markdowns on better shoes (Lobb/EG etc...)?
He made me a linen shirt about two years ago. It cost $65. The linen was of OK quality, however the cut is amazing. I bet if you just sent him some fabric, he'd do it. I ordered by mail as well.
Zegna's aren't that ostentatious that someone would notice it negatively. It's a rather bland suit, perfect for an interview.
Scroll over solution if you want to see it... The trick is making return trips with strategic pairs and making trips with unlikely combos. The mom and dad can travel together. The policeman can escort the second to last person leaving the theif alone on one side. The policeman can then return alone to pick up the theif.
Since there are so few pieces used for actual runway shows, it would be hard trying to locate a lot of them. After the runway shows most of the pieces go out to photo shoots for either advertising or editorial work. The chances of these pieces being lost while out on a shoot is very high. The things that make it back are usually sold at sample sales if the employees don't grab them first.
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