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Quote: Originally Posted by Chris "Italia" Would you say they are one of the best made suits in the world, better than Kiton? How do you define "best?" If more hand-work, that's one thing... However, when discussing suits of this level, the purchase isn't decided on the amount of hand-work, which is all pretty comprable (Kiton, St. Andrews, Caraceni). It's more about styling preferances as each make is completely different.
This is very disconcerting.
I can't stand silk sweaters... some people will tell you that silk is a warm weather fabric, however the truth is it doesn't breathe well.
My 5-blade razor is better than my 3-blade razor. Ties are disposable. There's no sense in building them to last. I can appreciate those who like the 7-folds for aesthetic purposes though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Edward Appleby I don't know, sometimes I tire of the second-class citizen treatment one gets sale shopping. Well... you're not paying first class prices during sale, are you?
Quote: Originally Posted by Soph You can do custom and pick the cloth, weight, color, sheen, style to some extent,better with custom at 3.5 k or better. I can't understand why pay 3.5 plus for RTW when you can get custom for the same or less? Am I missing something? Yes.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Many people also bring their own wine glasses, and cutlery to restaurants as well so a wine basket isn't particularly offhand or non sequitur. The only time I've seen this is when Jack Nicholson did it in "As Good as it Gets." His character was mentally retarded... but I'm sure plenty of normal people follow this practice as well.
There still some left at Bergdorf Goodman for $99. I picked up a nice black/white gingham there.
Quote: Originally Posted by WatchGuy Along with those Sterling Times is good as well. Their pictures aren't the greatest, but they are always in good shape and come freshly serviced when you get them. www.sterling-times.com My boss just got that watch you have in your avatar. He said it was ceramic or something.
The most elegant proportions for clothing is 40L. This is the standard runway sample size.
New Posts  All Forums: