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Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek As much as everyone here hates armani, last winter he put out a couple of really nice overcoats. That's so true in that the only Armani item I own is an overcoat. He does them well consistently.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing In respect to the broad shoulders, I've always thought that pagoda shoulders with roping can alleviate broadness. However, I like the silhouette. You're correct about the shoulders... with that much waist suppression the suit needs roped shoulders, here they are too boxy, like a Corneliani. I have yet to see a Chan suit that is well balanced.
I don't know how it works over there in Sweden, but I'd hate to risk a fat salaried job in PE over the receptionist.
Quote: Originally Posted by kitonbrioni If Campagna are fully bespoke, then they would be different from, say, Kiton. Perhaps they would have more handwork than Kiton. And of course would fit different being bespoke. It may be like comparing proscuiutto with parma ham--cf: Not 100% true, the level of construction has nothing to do with being bespoke or not. Kiton RTW are constructed according to a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Will "For my standpoint, the guys pictured on the Sartorialist blog site are much, much "better dressed" than any of celebrities listed." I submit that the Sartorialist shoots fashion. Most of the people he photographs are attractive, fairly well composed, and their clothes don't fit. Keep in mind that the people on the Sartorialist site aren't celebrities or models that have a team of stylists and tailors...
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad acidicboy, that's VF's list as opposed to yours? I suppose including Armani was a nod to his "celebrity" - he looks, appropriately enough, like a clown in that photo. For me, David Bowie is sort of in the Beckham camp. It's more about how he makes clothes look than vice-versa. I've only seen pictures of Armani wearing the same black t-shirt and pants. Not too stylish in my book... Bowie on the other...
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Any reason why you have not ordered from Caraceni in Milan? Caraceni has a sterling reputation among Italians. Many consider them to make the highest quality, "best" suit in the world. I have no personal experience... maybe one day. Castangia is also another maker in this class... I love their styling as well.
Cool guy. Tod's Della Valle is another interesting personality. article.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chris "Italia" He only makes 700 handmade suits a year. I would say it's a little better than Kiton.... Considering Kiton makes 20 thousand per year. Kiton employs more tailors... most of whom go undisputed as among the best in the game.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chris "Italia" Would you say they are one of the best made suits in the world, better than Kiton? How do you define "best?" If more hand-work, that's one thing... However, when discussing suits of this level, the purchase isn't decided on the amount of hand-work, which is all pretty comprable (Kiton, St. Andrews, Caraceni). It's more about styling preferances as each make is completely different.
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