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Just be careful with those models. Consider what will look good on your frame. The low stance, strong shoulder look gives me a 80's power suit vibe.
I have a Paul Stuart, navy pinstripe umbrella. I've had it for 3 years now and it's one of my favorite things I own. I used to loose $10 umbrellas all the time, and trust me that you won't misplace a $200 one. It was a gift from my brother, and a perfect one at that. I love getting or giving decadent items that you'd never consider for yourself or feel guilty about buying.
Quote: Originally Posted by morsem Black Label is fused? I was just at a Polo store in DC and looked under the lapel of a black label garment. You can easily see the stiches under the lapel like you would see on an Oxxford coat. I felt the bottom of the jacket to feel for canvas and felt it's presence. Perhaps I am greatly mistaken, but it seems to me that the black label is almost as good as the purple label in construction. Perhaps the chest...
Thanks, I'll give it a try.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ivan Kipling The shoulder is most striking feature of this suit. It's a perfect balance between too much structure and looking too natural. The overall effect is elegent, insouciance. Perhaps a good example of 'flou' as you describe? I have never heard the term before.
What is usually delivery time for those that have ordered from NYC?
Try Kurabo. They provide the denim for many of the best manufacturers. It will be a cut above anything found in department stores (Seven, True Religion, etc...). If you're looking for true, japanese, high quality denim this is a good place to start.
That first one is bad. The jeans look w/tie, or jeans and blazer is starting to feel really dated. Chino's are the wave of the future... I like the second look.
Quote: Originally Posted by josepidal What should a guy get for his first sweater? Vneck, crewneck, turtleneck, zip neck? I was thinking vneck, but am not sure of the reasons. Your going to need more than one sweater.
It's around that time of year again. Just saw a few and I'm super paraniod as I've acquired much more cashmere over the past year... Anyone have some more updated tips on protecting your clothes from being eaten?
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