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It's fine... I've been in stores and witnessed guys go to extreme lengths to match shoes and belt. Ie: bringing in the shoes and holding the belt up to them in different types of light... this is ridiculous IMO... This is usually the same crowd who admire the sweetness of matching a pocket square w/tie. It's like they know this one fashion rule and hang on to it like a life-boat.
Quote: Originally Posted by Christofuh Could somebody please name the planet where hign-end men's stores allow floor people to pull in $150-200K in earnings ? ( That was the figure I heard being tossed around. ) $150-200 is at the absolute top of the range, for example someone who is a Kiton specialist at Bergdorf Goodman, Korshack, or NM in Dallas. Hitting $100-125 isn't too much of a stretch if you're working in a better store and have...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Well, in general working retail anything is a dead end. Unless you want to be the head jackass of that store for your life, then more power to you. Terrible advice... If this guy is just starting out and wants to get a taste of working in fashion/retail and is in college, there is no better way than to work on the floor for a year or so. If the individual is inquisitive, he can really get a feel for the...
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Do you tuck your tie blade into the keeper? I do not; I feel the look of the loose tie blade is quite nice. Apparently, it was practiced by certain British men in the '60s, and some Italians today. I do the same, it has to be the right tie though. It doesn't work on heavier wider ties. It looks particularly chic with unlined or lightly lined, skinnier ties, tied with a simple, small 4-in-hand.
I've seen on shorter guys where they tuck the small blade into the trousers and let the wider blade hang at belt level, which looks elegant.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart Mike, as some on Sartorialist were wondering, who made your jacket in that photo? It looks great, fwiw I like the angling of your hacking pockets It's from Ralph Lauren Purple Label (St. Andrews make). This garment is a one of a kind, the actual model for production has straight pockets. here. As someone said, the severity of the pockets is exacerbated by the fit of the waist. It think it adds...
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart They're based on early 60s style and more for the guy who wears a suit for going out socially, rather than a work-oriented suit. Sort of like Spencer Hart suits but at a quarter the price? Spencer Hart I'd be interested. Please do update us on the progress.
From the Sartorialist:
Polo is having a MTM event right now where they wave the cutting fee, so it's the same as RTW prices. I'd look into Chan as well if that's your speed, however I haven't seen anything good come from there.
Navy with horn buttons. It will go with everything, except black pants. But who wears black pants anyway?
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