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With permission from the moderators, I'm posting a job listing for a assistant buyer position in men's tailored clothing. The position is at a luxury retailer in New York City; you'd be working for a friend of mine, who is the buyer. I thought I'd post it here to hopefully attract a candidate who has an interest in tailored clothing. The job description is listed below, please reply to me by PM if you are interested. Please note the requirements and keep in mind that this...
Quote: Originally Posted by Albern I just wanted to give shout outs to gregaz for being a great seller and providing wonderful customer service. I've purchased 4 pairs of pants from him over the past few months and each transaction has been great. Thanks again. I second this. Just purchased a pair of shoes from gregaz... really smooth transaction. Thanks Greg.
Interested - PM sent. Payment sent as well...
Quote: Originally Posted by A Harris And congrats to Mike C for already making her blog!! Wait... what? Link please.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini We are looking for Fok, not Get Smart.
V, I was actually going to go to the Beer Garden today. Friends are there, right now.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Seems that some here want the same goal (better education, better healthcare) but we differ on the way to get there. On many issues it seems some like us staunch conservatives want a private free market approach and some feel maybe a government program is the answer. I wonder if we might think about the end goal of improving the country as the goal and test a part of each idea in real world implementations and...
Very nice improvement from the first one you ordered a while back... and it doesn't even have the garish logo!
Quote: Originally Posted by vaclava krishna Mike C., I have been looking for you here many, months, I still have the Corneliani jacket, to complete our trade. Vaclav, at times one, must look within to find, what they are really looking for.
Quote: Originally Posted by vaclava krishna I believe too Stigma, is the true, Godfather. After came, Harley, and lets no forget the struggle,of Raybeez . Mike C., I have been looking for you here many, months, I still have the Corneliani jacket, to complete our trade. For the hanger, of wood?
New Posts  All Forums: