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A few different press reports have them down as Docs.I wonder if Loake will be offering a resoling service, as to be done right it also needs a new welt.Had some Docs resoled years ago and they looked shite because they used the old welt.
They're not Doc Martens though, they're Loake C860 Brogue Boots, site I can find them is Amazon Japan.
A lot of the extras used in the film were from northern scooter clubs, and the denim/docs combo was still common.
They also do replica jungle greens,,13100
In Bradford we called them Smoothie Topped Wedges. In early '74 I had a black and brown pair with white crepe soles, lethel on wet Yorkshire flagstones
Got a pair of Loake smooths, exactly the same as those, different shade of oxblood than my Loake Royals and Loafers.
They are still showing on the DM site and were still in the DM shop in Leeds a month ago,
Have a good time in Yorkshire, and leave some beer for us locals  
  Remember the bleached Levis in the very early 70's over in Yorkshire, only casual/scruff wear though.  
Chances are the young lad in the middle is a Yemeni, there was a large community from the old colony of Aden working in the shipping/docks of the North East. They were made more welcome than the Asians else where. Clothes wise, same as I was wearing the year before as a 14/15 year old in Bradford.    
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