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So low a profile that they don't reply to emails!:)
I wouldn't say ebay, due to the incredible security they do on sellers.  There are no casual sellers in Rakuten, only actual businesses, so it is pretty much safe.  They have an english site that is worth it if you don't mind going through some initial pains.
Thanks for the reply. I thought of that too. Just wanted something lighter in color. Was hoping they had that in light blue.
Do you think I can get away with this RIng  Jacket er..Jacket for a garden wedding where the ladies will wear cocktail dress?  This is 100% wool, but no lining.  Wedding is in a tropical country, garden outdoors.  If so, should I also go for the white pants in the photo.  I was planning on wearing a white shirt but obviously that isn't an option if I am wearing the white pants.  So to summarize: 1. Is this  jacket passable for a ambiguously, not really formal outdoor...
I will be in Japan for just 2 weeks, and I was thinking if they had stores that accept online orders where you send measurements, that way when you get there it will just be the fitting?  Do they have the equivalent of Thick as Thieves, for example?
Hi,Was this a custom suit or off the rack?  I am looking for a custom made suit that I can order online and if you were able to do it, that would be super for me!
Hi guys, Years back, people have been talking about going to Secret Armory and will report on how their suits turned out.  I don't think anyone made any report on the results.  Anyone with photos and/or review of their experience with Secret Armory? Their last post in their FB page was a year ago. Buhay pa ba sila? As for Tinio, I hear a lot of good reviews, but honestly, I have yet to see a photo of suits from there that I liked. Maybe I just don't like the tailor's fit...
Hi guys,   Im thinking of having a similar suit made, but have no idea how to describe this kind of colour.  Is it pale blue?  I am assuming its linen?  
Thanks. Ended up buying in Van Laack in Gbelt5, and regretted it soon after.:P
Thanks Nutcracker. I have been to the stores you mentioned. I guess I didn't speak/read enough Japanese to know that some of them offered MTM.  I was in fact in Strasburgo on my last trip there.  Will make sure to give them a visit again when I get back. 
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