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^ Agreed.  I had the same issue with my Chukkas.  I down sized 0.5, therefore I them with thin socks.
^ If they had them in Black, I would have pulled the trigger.
  Very interesting that they shrunk 1" on the inseam from 2 x warm soaks.
Thanks for the info - very useful.  And interesting to see they shrunk 1" on the inseam with 2 x warm soaks.
I am considering getting a pair of 0702.  And understand they are sanforized denim.  However, would like to know how much they shrink and stretch?   Sorry if this question have been answered.
Looking forward to Collab #4...current BMO collabs are just to skinny for my thighs.  Love the denim and details on the Midnight Warrior.
Looking forward to sizing info on the bo x momo collab at BO website.
^ Since this is a Momotaro thread - go for a pair of 0201.
@wakawaka.  IMO, if you are unsure about sizing on Red Wings play it safe by sizing down 0.5.  This will allow you to adjust the fit using insole if required.
IIRC Sammies never goes on sale - second hand from forums or eBay is your best bet for discount.  You can try Rakuten or using a proxy to get Sammies from Japan if you are game.  Otherwise stick to BIG if you are local and able to try before you buy.
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