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Notice I said for a warmth test, I purposely under dressed to test the coat.  Real fur ruff would have the SPCA all over their Sh!#.  Nice coyote ruffs can be found for $50 or less, $25 for a tailor to switch them out if you were really concerned.  Of course now you have a $270 coat but 1 of a kind!   The only real downsides to the Stone Sentinel IMHO are the cuffs and logos if you can get past the made in China tag.  The logos can be blacked out rather easily, the cuffs...
Good deal, it looks like I paid an extra $25 for the lifetime return policy and the size I need.  
Here's my confession.  I took advantage of the sale and lifetime returns at to get the North Face Stone Sentinel.  It's like the McMurdo but sleeker.  It's been cold and windy here, 17-30F with winds of 10-15mph the past couple of days and my TNF has been real warm.  I've been wearing just a LS T-shirt underneath, no layering just for a warmth test, and even went for a walk at the park.  Now my legs were cold through my jeans, and my hands a bit wearing just...
Damn you are right.  Oh well, so I guess I just have 25% off regular priced items, and 10% off sale items.
Yes, everything except North Face.  I have the 15% coupon for writing a review I need to use by March 10th, 7% cash back by linking into Altrec from, and 3% cash back from my credit card.  
  Darn, and I get 25% off from them.    
Interesting, I thought them to be at least as nice as the CG.  Only the Made in Canada JR&Bros versions, the made in China versions are not nice and I have not seen the Made in USA versions in person.  I went to Neimann to see the CG but kept coming back to the Woolrich.  Anyway, differing opinions and I'm positive you are a much better judge of style then I although I was an Executive for a mid-level Department store for 6 years so I have a little experience.
They do!
  @Bluetree,   Your posts are very full of misinformation.   First of all, Fill Power by itself is only part of the warmth equation.  Fill Power is ONLY a measure of the fluffiness of the down.  It's true that higher fill powers are warmer ounce for ounce, but 2 ounces of 625 would be far warmer than 1 ounce of 800.  Judging the warmth of a coat by the fill power is simply not doable.  You have to consider fill Power and amount of down as well as construction.   Second,...
I tried Art in the Age about a month ago when they had more in stock according to their website.  The email bounced back.  Also, my AV gives a "Site might be Compromised" warning.  YMMV.  
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