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  I sort of confused myself in my original post.  When I said dress shirt, I figured it was interchangeable with other button downs (Casual shirts/Dress shirts).  So now my question is should I have separate shirts for work (tucked in) and for casual (untucked)?  I went to my tailor and asked if she can cut it down to where I can potentially wear it untucked and still looks good while allowing for a tuck.  She seemed to be against it.    
The reason I ask is because I bought these fitted dress shirts from Express that could possibly be an inch or so too long but it might not be worth it to pay and get it tailored the extra inch or so   I think I'll just bring it to the tailor and let her decide if i should leave it
When you guys get your dress shirts tailored, what is the general rule of thumb for how long they will be?  I would think that it matters if you're going to be tucking it in or not?
Your post definitely did not come off as mean.  Thanks for directing me to the correct side of the forum, your posts have been very helpful  
Your post definitely did not come off as mean.  Thanks for awaring me where to post, you're posts have been very helpful  
How often do you guys wash your dress shirts knowing that they don't really get dirty every time you wear them?  Is there a best way to wash and dry them (hang dry or iron)?
thanks for the info. knowing about the "break" really helped  
When getting pants for the office tailored, is it reasonable to have the leg opening just touching the ground while standing? or should the pant leg opening go no further than the top of your foot?
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