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I don't have a "skinny" suit but i did get a super fitted/tapered one. It came out almost exactly the way I wanted. If you want some pictures, I can take some if you'd like.
Are you talking about just a European Tapered look logikel?
I know their shirts are hit or miss but for me, I absolutely LOVE it. The waist is off by about 2-3 inches but other than that, the fit is perfect. For those who are afraid to try their shirts, I say give it a shot.   All the wrinkles are from me just throwing it on after it came out of the box. Once I fixed the sleeves, it was all set(except for the part where I bend my arms)                  
Well said guys. Thanks for the input and advice, I won't get one =)
Lol, unfortunately none =/   Well I was thinking more of like a formal event like a wedding versus @ the office.
You guys are obviously more fashion minded than I am. I thought the below picture looked kind of cool =/
Thanks for the input. What occasions are those shirts generally for anyways?
Has anybody ever bought one of their shirts with a contrastic white collar and white cuffs? I think I'm going to take the plunge and buy one in gingham - What do you guys think?
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