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I am not sure I would personally want to do anything with it, kind of lends itself to the nuance of the suede. I suppose if I had to do something, I may start with my favorite conditioning oil to darken the welt again. 
Does anyone have a pair of 10 or 10.5 to sell?
The dark brown in the classic is my favorite, I like how it ages best. My favorite boot is my Krause in Rust. I don't have all the colors that I want yet...still trying to find a good deal on some blue suede. 
It is fall and better boot weather, just thought I'd share a profile pic of the collection so far.
What size are you, I may have a couple extras?
I would like to see a bright red tie with that jacket....but that tie and jacket make you look like the Joker.
I have several pair of super soft Ralph Lauren socks that look like this, all solid colors but have that same fuzz and very comfortable.  
Well, the current sale ends on Presidents' Day .... Perhaps we have yet to hear an update.
Super happy, finally recieved both pair I purchased using the 50+100 for two pair off sale. Strands worked out to 159.00 and the Amsterdam worked out to 109.00(making up for missing out on them a while back). Love them both and they are both super comfy!!![IMG]
New Posts  All Forums: