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I totally understand. Keep me in mind if you ever change your mind. 
Do you plan to sell ANY of your 10's?
If this is not allowed I understand. I really just wanted to check with Alden fans first to see if any interest. I have a few pair of Shell that I would be willing to trade. These are the number 684 full strap loafers in #8. The sizes I have left are 12D, 11C, 12C, and 10E. 
PM sent. 
I am not sure I would personally want to do anything with it, kind of lends itself to the nuance of the suede. I suppose if I had to do something, I may start with my favorite conditioning oil to darken the welt again. 
Does anyone have a pair of 10 or 10.5 to sell?
The dark brown in the classic is my favorite, I like how it ages best. My favorite boot is my Krause in Rust. I don't have all the colors that I want yet...still trying to find a good deal on some blue suede. 
It is fall and better boot weather, just thought I'd share a profile pic of the collection so far.
What size are you, I may have a couple extras?
I would like to see a bright red tie with that jacket....but that tie and jacket make you look like the Joker.
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