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I have several pair of super soft Ralph Lauren socks that look like this, all solid colors but have that same fuzz and very comfortable.  
Well, the current sale ends on Presidents' Day .... Perhaps we have yet to hear an update.
Super happy, finally recieved both pair I purchased using the 50+100 for two pair off sale. Strands worked out to 159.00 and the Amsterdam worked out to 109.00(making up for missing out on them a while back). Love them both and they are both super comfy!!![IMG]
I just wanted to post this up since I never see any love for the winnetka. This is in my top three favorite loafers. Forgot about them myself until this morning.
HHHMMM, you have a great shade of red there. I would likely apply a thin amount of black to burnish then go back to the color you are using to give it some depth.....it will take some work but you could potentially have a very dynamic color after youre done.
Great to hear it. I have to wait for my Saphir products to start work in mine.
No doubt. I was thinking it may be better to use edge dressing here..thoughts?
I have been waiting to see someone color the exposed ends of the leather. Do you plan on it or has someone done something similar with a desired or undesired result?
I completely agree and was thinking the same thing. I do prefer a round lace but perhaps something like you would find in a hiking boot.
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