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I also had one of my best days ever...and it was just a half-day.  Matched 4 suits, and had a couple firsts.  Pics to follow...eventually. Suits:E. Zegna x 2Carroll & Co.Canali  (bought pants first, matched jacket a couple hours later at a different SA)Luciano Barbera Sport coats:Caruso (Sartoria Parma)OxxfordCorneliani x 2Pal ZileriIsaia (Gianluca) x 2 Shirts:Brioni x 2LorenziniAdriano & Sons Trousers:OxxfordZanella Unicorn Cords and this....  [[SPOILER]]
Any 58XL's out there?   For some perspective, the model is 5'8".    
Bijan PS     John Laing and Gran Sasso cashmere.       Pretty cool Samuelsohn MTM jacket.  Looks like an orphan but I'm pretty sure it's not.     [[SPOILER]]     RLPL suit.  It feels so nice to reunite an orphan with his pa(re)nts.      [[SPOILER]]
  You shouldn't keep a piece if you're lukewarm about it.  You'll run out of room fast and spend more money than you anticipated.  You'll find plenty of great things you love.  Accumulate slowly and splurge when you find something you really love.
  That jacket.  It taunts me.  If you two ever have a falling out, let me know.
  Looks like Grenson to me.
Some recent finds.  Also,  I'm in for the scavenger hunt if you'll have me.  :)     Suggestion for scavenger hunt:  Worst mannequin styling.     Barbour Cowes jacket...for me       A bit dirty but it was half off.     [[SPOILER]]   A couple of Cucinelli.  I found these at the same thrift store a week apart.   In 18 months of thrifting, I've only really found 4 things at this particular store:  these Cucinelli sweaters, a D'Avenza jacket, and Brioni jacket.       Gran...
    Those Brioni silk shirts are like skeet blankets for a certain brand of mook.  I kopped a couple for $2.99 and sold them for over $200 each.
Nice.  I feel like I learned much of what I know about thrifting from your mom.  Thrift in good health.  #fullchort
Nice haul.  And yes, you should look for the "good" Marshalls.  I have about a dozen in my area, but only 3 get anything of value.  1 is in the city.  2 are in wealthy suburbs.
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