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Whatever occulta is describing sounds like black (suede) engineer boots though. Should be possible to find..?
Is it Ron Rider?
For reals? I just use normal styling product(whatever dry and matt) and a blow dryer if I can be bothered. Most times I can't and it's a mess ­čśîIsolation I would agree with nahneun.. easiest way is to go real short like buzz the sides but style the top. If u want to keep it real long I would suggest changing the parting around a little (not all all combed over to one side) and getting it cut a bit more layered.
Late to the hype but I spotted these in Tokyo, didn't have my size then so I've just grabbed them off zozo. Edit: don't really like the pull tab but I'm thinking it's going to be straightforward to remove
Sweet jacket Regis. @Isolation it's ok to have your hair long and that's my personal preference as well (within limits for my job). Asian hair tends to be quite flat so we generally need some help. Something with more texture/waves/choppy etc. U can look at any number of japanese or korean hairstyles for inspiration. At this point in time u just look a bit like Wu Bai but maybe that's what you are going for so ymmv..
I know you really like your hairstyle Isolation. But you'd look a lot better with a different hair cut man.
It's quite affordable! (For serious) I also like the robe coat.
Hmmmmm... I'd say synth has sold more than a few TOJ jackets (not that he was paid lol)
I am just going to put it out there now that I am completely, unabashedly and shamelessly influenced by @conceptual 4est and @Parker lol. And this place.. this forum made me buy a rick Owens bomber back in the day.. like what?!
Some pics taken off trove fw16.
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