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Damn that's ace @oucho
i love that fit lorcan.  great colors.  that EG shirt especially looks fantastic.  
didn't junya's fw show have quite a few black models though?  
His blog has them. Not full waywt pics. But a dude like him isn't going to get the fit wrong. And his combis (color/texture/ideas) are great. I just thought a guy coming from cm would prefer that kind of casual look more that's all.
lorcan is ace as usual. Caustic Man you can check out @dieworkwear i think his street/casual looks are probably the kind you will relate to.
To be honest I'm not even sure that look will be popular anywhere except among the likeminded Instagram/bad tumblr/#early2000s menswear crowd. It sure isn't going to cut the mustard over at CM either. That said aside from the annoying accessories the jacket actually looks ok and probably would work with dark indigo denim..
I think makgeolli with Korean fried chicken is p awesome though The only k beer I know is hite and that's nasty!
3 days is quite enough for cinque terre. It's pretty rustic and definitely not ritzy at all. V touristy and vv packed during summer. But the views are v nice so you can tune all the extra people out. U do have to book early if u want nice (sea view) accommodation though, like more than half year in advance.. I was there in August 2013 and most of the scenic sea paths were closed I think due to mudslides or rockslides I can't rem. the inland paths were open though. Still...
The last time I was there the seaside paths were closed! I hope it has been re opened
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