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@hennree(or whoever else is interested in visiting Singapore..) sorry for the late reply man.. i thought i'd spend a bit more time and type a proper reply...   [[SPOILER]]
Dude only the wine bottles can be seen clearly.. :/
dude @ghdvfddzgzdzg you look really troubled with your fit haha.  
Yup definitely lol
the suit fits your image but I think that tie's gotta go. And if u had to go with a tie I hope you can do a tighter knot (I really don't want to be cm anal but that knot!)
I... don't have any non-"baller" stuff...?...! Oh no.
I'm 5'8 and I think the long shirt in S is a great length for me to be honest.
Lol except that c4est is prob wearing dries and Dior, cyc is slp visvim, Regis is all mmm and Lorcan is in eg 😌
Thanks guys! Will give that thread a go
  hi everyone, just asking for some advice regarding the upper back.  is it easy/possible to clean up the back?  the creased up part just below the collar.   Thanks in advance! 
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