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Eh. Rais looks more cyber ninja to me though.
I don't really think there's anything wrong with how he rolls up his sleeves tbh.. I personally don't like rolling them past the elbows or too neatly. Basic vans (I love the slip ons and the taka hayashi collabs are great) and Stan smiths (plain white) are good starting points for sneakers. Not a fan of the shirt or pants. Shirt looks like a shirt you wear to work, and pants are that Nantucket style..
Outfit is greatly helped by Regis' Adonis build though. Not sure how good most would look with short sleeved shirts tucked into pants
You're not total salary man yet if yours is such a light colored suit! Heh heh
^    btw @Watashidake that CPO is great man.  you could have styled it more aggressively though, i think. 
Damn that's ace @oucho
i love that fit lorcan.  great colors.  that EG shirt especially looks fantastic.  
didn't junya's fw show have quite a few black models though?  
His blog has them. Not full waywt pics. But a dude like him isn't going to get the fit wrong. And his combis (color/texture/ideas) are great. I just thought a guy coming from cm would prefer that kind of casual look more that's all.
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