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@mbaum the pic from the front looks good, but it does seem a bit too slim from the side though.  i believe that if you don't feel comfortable in it you probably should return.
that's overly harsh come on..  
MoK that looks really really awesome.  that homespun bedford.. 
That's awesome. I rem wanting it quite badly that season
Hey eluther hope you don't mind me asking. You're more than 6 ft tall right? Those highland pants look great on you, and I suspect part of the reason is that the pockets don't look so goofy if you have longer legs
things are heating up!
@cotton dockers i think the new balance doesn't work there.  oddly i'm missing your white converse sneakers for this one.  
whoa, how is it almost every single size 46 eidos is already out of stock 
I picked up yet another floral shirt Also couldn't resist the brown cord Cpo shirt. Sigh. So much for self control. Zzzzzzz
thanks for the heads up man!!
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