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I really like all the items syeknom and i prob hate myself for saying this but I kinda wish you had one floral print or the other. Maybe I'm growing old and boring Cool fit Vita! I would have tucked the drawstrings in if possible though.
Is that the stonewashed canvas la portegna on nmwa? You're making me feeling like kopping... 😓
Man Synth you look really really awesome 👍👍 The lapels of that Schneider are pretty majestic.
Thanks @Parker for that Bill Evans trio post. Have been listening to their work a lot on Spotify the past few weeks. Do you guys use Spotify? Any recommended playlists?
I thought they were blue trousers/chinos actually.
Looks fine to me! If Frank wore purple trousers he'd look like an aubergine though.
Hey the OP didn't seem to have a major problem handling his CC debt right? Haha. And everyone here seems to have outstanding financial discipline 👍 Good on everyone! Woop. Feels like we've discussed this extensively before.. really deja vu. Also an aversion to loans is just weird. At a certain point in your life you will need one - buying a home or car, starting a business, sending a kid to university etc. It doesn't mean you're financially more prudent just cos you have...
The RL shop here seems to be doing terribly - always empty even on the weekends.. doesn't seem there's much hype about the brand at all.
Nope. Us sizing but i realise I am in the minority here haha
U guys must wear your boots tight cos the viberg rough outs feel pretty true to size for me (size 10 I got a 10)
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