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nice shirt and jacket man.     i think the CPs don't mesh with the rest of the fit though.  
https://www.kapital.jp/e-store/detail.php?id=K1405SS94&key=3932&category=33 would've instakopped if available in my size.. i really like these for vintage print summer shirts.  
@Baron   @ManofKent @dieworkwear   Thanks guys!!  really great info! :)) 
hey does anyone know a more affordable version of borsalino's straw panama hats?  would like to get one similar but the 200 dollar price point is a bit much to swallow for me.. 
man those new carmina shoes on the site are reallllly nice.  
looks great!  i love the printed suits.   (that nowfashion article has way too many grammatical errors!) 
oops dirty mirror so no full pic    
I think those are awesome mbaum.
thanks.  jcrew ha. 
hey anyone know how this current season ghurka shorts fit?  esp around the waist?  do you rec sizing up? 
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