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I wear it in 30 deg c weather (layered over a t shirt) but I'm SEAsian. V breathable and light.
Hahaha @BreezyBirch Kg that's really great man. Really nicely done. No half measures there. Mumma looking cool as always
Dat game of thrones backdrop...
Thanks @Parker great pics. Makes me even more tempted to get that jacket but te last thing I need is another eg blazer haha. I have to say the floral Baker is completely unlined and unstructured and super great for summer. The doo bop pics wo the diaper bum may be because the guy has v slim legs. For his ht and wt he has actually sized up 1..
Just returned from a fantastic trip to SF not too long ago.   Big shout out esp to @Parker @cyc wid it @t3hg0suazn  for all the spot on tips on where to eat/drink/hit up..  I think i've put on 5 pounds from all the good food and drink.  You pple living there sure are spoilt for choice! I think made it to nearly half the list of rec places in the end   It was great meeting up with Parker and cyc (sorry no pics!)   Oh yeah, i also lived in @conceptual 4est coppens bomber for...
http://page8.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/h199507370   there's also a SS14 andover in M for those who wanna bid.  20k yen starting bid is a great price for a great jacket.
  this one.  it's def closer to the 1st pic than the 2nd one.     yeah i think it's the typical asian flat bum problem.  mine is exacerbated by larger calves so i gotta size up for tapered pants.  i'll probably pick up either the balloon pants or fatigues some time later.  (when my credit card recovers from my recent SF trip) 
looking at pics from japanese websites just confirms that the willy post pant will give me a massively awful diaper bum.  oh well.  that floral khaki one looked tempting,       I also recently bought the khaki floral bedford.  just fyi the color isn't as bright as some of the pics that have been posted, it's really quite a matte khaki background.  I like it a little less because of that but the wife says "you can't always be wearing bright colored, loud stuff!"...
JJvE just seems like a brand that will only work for stick thin fashion build types to me.  Shape's cool but v unflattering for larger builds..  
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