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i don't even like the genre but i'm really enjoying the new Ghostface killah album.  
Thanks for the compliments guys!     Yeah Dino i bought the CPO true to size.. (S) for me.  I think the brown homespun might be more superior though.  It's definitely the warmest/thickest material for FW 14 i've handled.  Texture is crazy awesome.  
sweet!  subbed.   I'm definitely getting those green cropped fatigues in the vid.  Also that awesome navy jacket with many buttons.  Maybe the floral shorts.  Floral bomber very tempting.  Shirting looks less interesting though.  
  Triple cords.  EG/EG/Boncoura 
Goodness hirch please just go back to that thread where you just talk to yourself and stop shitting up this thread. Thanks.
  alright that's the rest of my back log!  mostly EG, same boots.  Random striped long sleeve t.     Shirt is needles rebuild (the bottom pics).  Also the very awesome pedaled jacket.  
@Baron     that's the back portion.    it's kinda not v obvious in person so "hidden" to me   but more accurate would be interior zipped compartment? 
Another fit from a few days back. 100% cashmere rollneck cooooozyyy United Arrows house label.  Boncoura cords - i love the cut, fabric.  really awesome pants.  same ol boots. Also - pizza!     
all EG, visvim boots 
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