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suited up for a wedding        sulka/drakes/iris tailor x2/carminax2
      kapital x 2, thoroughly denim  hat, vans.   this kapital shirt really has v nice details.  variegated but matching colored buttons, different coloured cuffs, floral patched elbow, frayed hem, placket detailing.. list goes on.  print on the shorts are of butterflies and flowers/plants.  :D 
that shirt looks wrong because it just looks like a short sleeved oxford shirt that was mistakenly cut too long.  
i love paris! (doesn't look like notre dame..)   those dries pants are so awesome man! 
i think a lighter wash works better for the stuff i have (a lot of florals/prints), but i can see straight cut raw denim work as well with a more traditional workwear sort of look - like how.. (can't for the life of me remember his name)  the-dude-who-posts-in-waywt-with-the-terryrichardson-style-pics-who-is-a-photographer does it.
ah ever reliable with the (sometimes obscure) film reference :P noob.    i must be mistaken @dieworkwear 
 i just got these. http://digital-mountain.net/shopdetail/000000001283/047/P/page2/recommend/ i'll (hopefully) post a fit once they arrive heh. 
@dieworkwear hmm somehow i had this idea that he was attached to his (male) business partner.   
size 1 up for the t shirts 
 Hey mbaum i don't think they ship to US direct.   I proxied via fromjapan.  Costs a bit more but will def be cheaper than US stockists. Tim 
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