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Where are you guys getting that orange brown robe thing? I'm sorely tempted by the pics (but there's truly no way I can wear it where I live)
@cyc wid it i got bored and curled my floppy hair (lol) 
it definitely fits better.   maybe i'm boring but i find that the puffy cargo pockets just look kinda awkward..
nice shoes stanley 
hey that actually looks like a pretty good imitation.  
oops double.    diniro one just ended.  it was a floral challenge.  maybe not as well publicized? 
If u dislike glasses so much just get LASIK done heh.     eototo (thanks NMWA!) / EG / visvim   ono not sure what happened with the image quality there.  seems v different on my computer.
Looks alright jdrizzy. Stick around!
i have.  i usually proxy with fromjapan though.  
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