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I like doing that blue top half with cream/off white trousers too. Cyc I feel like if the boots/coat color were reversed that would be the optimal color combo heh
Fwiw I have one shirt from a kind of guise, and from that limited sample of 1 you're not missing out on much.
anyone know about this brand digawel?  how's the quality/cut like?     Am pretty interested in the stuff i saw on this website graphpaper tokyo, but no idea if it'll be worth the money spent..   http://graphpaper.shop-pro.jp/?mode=cate&csid=0&cbid=1962421
Whoa you're as tall as the doors of your house?? @OccultaVexillum
Hahaha that vid was awesome! Doesn't hurt that she's quite cute too. Also, Popeyes.
I'm making beef braised in Barolo! Fingers crossed it works out; otherwise that's 80 bucks down the drain 😥
i bought a shirt and pants from AkOG a year or two back.. i don't think i've worn them more than twice for some reason..  just not something i gravitate towards.  may be a bit too boring, like dww said. still costs a fair bit tho..
I like it @Steel28 👍
T shirt lets it down. I feel something more heritage/outdoorsy/or needles weird would be better than a black t shirt. I think you need something more substantial, and not black.
Too small please sell to me! 😆
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