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Nice job man!! Hahaha
Damn those tss pants are nice @conceptual 4est , too bad about the lighting! Looks fantastic in the detail shots. Really like the fits from everyone else too. Lorcan can definitely pull off any off-kilter/neo hobo look easily.
I follow a couple of IGs for cool EG jap workwear style fits - choitaco, lisa3781w, sabolyst, steph_hoff, wonder_mountain_irie. Lmk if u guys have an ig to follow/that u follow for more EG inspiration!
Lol Cyc be like 😭 Damn that bomber is nice nicelynice Welcome Gerry. I have the same pair of orslow haha. Love their stuff esp the denim (got the white and indigo one wash)
Safari jacket looks awesome
I tried on a pair at MAC. Thought they looked great. Fit is awesome and it has really cool details like pleats at the back and zippers at the hem. Ended up spending on other things though. I think it'll work great with the fits you do. Nice stuff.
Are those the latest season dries? Great fit man!
I got the green. Love it too man. Already one of my fav pants
Thanks for the kind comments guys. Spamming the thread since I'm so free now heh.. Sage de cret x 2 Pants are lined. Awesome texture and so damn comfortable
Oops missed the deadline damn!
New Posts  All Forums: