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Quick post while waiting for the wife to be done with shopping. Taken earlier at Katz deli Junya jacket and shirt, orslow jeans, paint splatter gats
Pity, looked great on you
Yeah Cyc please do see a hand surgeon. A scan will point u in a better direction. Mr hare put out a really cool salmon skin shoe in his debut collection. Patent black leather derby with a metallic blue vamp.. The stingray version looks great to me too..
I feel like noob and benes have made a breakthrough recently. Shoes make a huge diff for benes fit and proportions are much better. Not a fan of the previous oval/egg shapes. Also, rolled faded jeans are cool!
@nicelynice i think all the elements of your fit work except the shirt.. i know it's sage de cret and all but to me it brings the whole fit down..   what is the dress code of your workplace anyway?  biz cas?
i kinda like the washed denim jacket from that collection   nice price too.   blazers are a bit meh for me.  i think there are better options for unstructured blazers out there.
Great fit man. I really like inglese shirts without a tie. The collar is just right. And the vass 👌
Matthew Miller webstore has a flash 70 percent off sale now. Calf leather made in uk double rider in black or navy going for under 300 pounds. Same jacket is more than double on oki ni
Whoa nice spot dude. Those leather jackets are so good.
Shirts are great. Would look much better w non black trousers!
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