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That jacket is crazy awesome but I think the pants are a missed opportunity. I think earthy tones would be better than going for black here..
Is Kyle wearing the size 38 for the monitaly radio jacket?
Next challenge lol
@spirited cool first post. Great hair! No mercy.. Top and bottom half are very incongruent although the colors match.
Yeah baby 😎 U guys should drop it alreadyyyy
Well done then! Fwiw that article had synthese all over it 👍
this is hilarious man.. good job! 
hey loftman is in kyoto too.. pretty cool shop! 
that's the plan... lol stunting on mall rats and restaurant diners.   but if i can't i'm gonna wear it watching TV at home! 
      Found a Bed j.w. ford suede jacket in my size lol   coming to an air-conditioned room near you  
New Posts  All Forums: