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I... don't have any non-"baller" stuff...?...! Oh no.
I'm 5'8 and I think the long shirt in S is a great length for me to be honest.
Lol except that c4est is prob wearing dries and Dior, cyc is slp visvim, Regis is all mmm and Lorcan is in eg 😌
Thanks guys! Will give that thread a go
  hi everyone, just asking for some advice regarding the upper back.  is it easy/possible to clean up the back?  the creased up part just below the collar.   Thanks in advance! 
[[SPOILER]] paging @gdl203 @dieworkwear or any others who wanna chime in.. i'm not ocd about suit fit or anything but i'm wondering if this is an easy fix to tidy the back up or should i just leave it alone?
Lol. The full suit really is too much man
@Cotton Dockers great jacket dude. V interesting choice of the dark colored trousers. I would have gone the easy route of pastel or light brown/tan but I think you've made the whole thing work pretty well 👍
Summer fits don't have to be boring!
Waywt would never be the same without our resident cyborg Rais. Robinson Im not sure what you're going for its not really working man.. If u wanted a minimalist look I'd swap out the nikes for some formal black shoes. And if you wanted to do tech ninja the t and pants don't quite make it either
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