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I thought they were Raf! Lol
I think you're looking for guy burgess
Wansui I don't think the black shoes go with the laid back rest of fit. Slip-ons of some sort would be better. Interesting look you are going for, although the cut and colors kind of remind me of turn of century Asian dock workers (that could be good?)
Yeah in my mind I was thinking plaid would be good too. But I don't actually have a plaid shirt except a needles rebuild one.. I'll try and post a test fit sometime. Brown cords would be even harder to pair! (W/o looking too oldish)
Wow these look great. Goes great with slim denim doesn't it.. there were some comments about the boot shaft being too wide but it seems fine from your picture
I never thought I would like brown corduroy but... nice jacket CD! I have a pair of brown patchwork cord and plaid junya pants but I can't really figure out what to wear them with. I'm always worried that pairing green and brown will make me look too much like a tree 😓
Nonnative prices are insane for new pieces. Even if you proxied or used a jp website. I think maybe base prices go up because they need to factor for deeper discounts that everyone waits for... but then again a lot of stuff still sells out at retail
do these fit large or TTS?
Re: farfetchDoesn't work for outside US I think
Whoa, tough to find football fans on SF! (No, not American football )
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