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A+ fit Lorcan.  hair is looking even better now.
just the city i'd say 5 days.. 6 days tops.  unless you intend to do very heavy shopping. 
that's an archetypal middle age IT guy fit right there... everything fits ok if that's what you're going for.     u may be happier in a place like mc casual though tbh.  not sure if the favored aesthetic types here are what you're going to be looking for.
There's much to be said for having your own regular place though! That's the best feeling right. Hard to move away from that.. For me prob bar high five. These are more classic cocktails though which may be boring depending on your tastes..
Slouchier cardigans just look better man. It's not about getting size s when you're a 36, it's what silhouette looks good. Also I think it's more the top half throwing everything off. Shorts would be perfect for the beach or pool.
Where's @RegisDB9
Bar High Five, Mori Bar, Bar ishinohana, Tender bar, Star bar Ginza. (Whatever you do don't line up for that park Hyatt lost in translation bar - crappy) For anime stuff what about ghibli museum? Pretty cool place and not otaku weird..
Hah Parker you are waaaaayyyyyy underselling that awesome dries jacket man! Synth's pics are incredible. It's such a blessing to live somewhere where u can just hike out to scenery like that.
Cocktails in Tokyo are def next level and a must if you're into that sorta thing. So many top bars. Coffee I don't think is that great.. U will prob get better stuff in the states. There will be too much great food to be had for sure - I don't even know where to start.. I don't know how many of the shops will allow photos - I suspect not many. For clothes u should take a look at: CDG flagship, Dover street market, isetan men's, Visvim flagship, maybe yohji, maybe 1dk...
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