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    Same same but different..    Sublime rollable straw hat/Engineered garments cotton floral blazer/Camoshita linen henley/Junya pants/Castaner espadrilles.
Those shoes actually probably go better with what you wear than for me imo..
A whole bunch of junya stuff and this..... Damnitohell 💸💸💸 (but thanks for the heads up @onitaps) cheapest price I ever paid for gats I believe..
Hey duu... 😬
@the shah i'm all for elongated rises but many of these sarouel pants are drop crotch + sit at hips more than high rise i think.. combined with a tight aggressive taper... just leads to a silhouette with skin-tight calves and a huge hanging diaper butt..  not really very flattering..  
hey just in time for the upcoming fit challenge   @basil rathbone
Damn nahneun I nearly went ahead and bought those gats then I remembered all those baller sneaks I have and all I wear are dirty white vans 😞
What's the deal with sarouel pants? Especially with the aggressively tapered ones wouldn't you just end up with a massive diaper butt? - I don't mean that against s3lam just a random thought...
Those totally work for you man. I like them but don't really see how I'm going to work them into regular wear.. I have the white paint splatter gats which I've worn like 5 times since I got them a year ago 😥 (Ok sorry I know I know back to sales talk)
No not the paint splatter ones.. The white painted ones which are going for 450-500 plus on sale elsewhere...
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