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I got the green. Love it too man. Already one of my fav pants
Thanks for the kind comments guys. Spamming the thread since I'm so free now heh.. Sage de cret x 2 Pants are lined. Awesome texture and so damn comfortable
Oops missed the deadline damn!
So I bought that needles jacket 😅 Needles patchwork western shirt/rrl cargoes/visvim
SSDD plus United arrows cashmere tneck.
Thanks guys! @nevergreen KenP @shoreman1782 @Parker Boncoura is a pretty standard jap denim workwear brand. I like the fit of their cord trousers a lot. Had to size up 1. Usually grab it off http://www.loftman.co.jp/tag/boncoura
There are lots of crazy pockets all over actually. Lots of cool details. I was leaning towards the shearling collar one too. Thanks guys. I've got limited funds left, debating between that jacket or some of the dries stuff I've seen at barneys. Sometimes I feel though that dries is a bit too polished for me. It's very pretty and delicate but I'm still not out of the workwear hobo phase..
Lol. I wish. It's needles rebuild. With the needles rebuild price tag i.e. Not cheap
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