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i dunno nn.. i don't really find the rick outfits you've been doing recently v flattering man.  and i'm usually a big fan of your fits.  
i think it's a cool jacket.  not difficult at all to match with stuff.
the prints are great again for sure.  hopefully some of the japanese shops will carry more interesting printed jackets/pants.
  EG with jeans!  i like how the SS floral stuff goes with some loose(r) fit faded denim.  
@Cotton Dockers looks great man.  you should kop those NMWA niche flower seed (hibiscus > petunia to me) t shirts to go with that needles jacket :P   i'd also roll up the trousers one more time.  that's almost half hearted!  heh.  
Some new some old..       thoroughly denim x2, EG x 2, vans.  
i guess i could wear them rolled up with espadrilles or silppers, a slouchy tank and a straw hat.     but i'm pale as f so that's never gonna work for me..
shamefully bought a whole lot of MC stuff recently (broke :( )   Man 1924 ecru blazer tie and square from Vanda (suede shoes and the matching belt from carmina)    and some sneakers (non-mc)       (edit ummm if i include some NMWA stuff pending confirmation)      
Someone should just select the rest of the cantarelli SCs... sadly there are none left in my size.. (also the formosa suits)   I'll put up something more zany though (as a full fit)                  lunettes/OS/ t shirt /TS(S)/ castaner
i'm not sure what to do with those super wide casual trousers.. looks like something grandmothers would wear to the market.   much prefer the shorts or the slimmer profile trousers.     i love the prints though.  
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