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@Isolation i'm not really sure your first foray into SwD should be yohji hakama style pants. if i recall some of the other stuff you've posted, the easiest way is probably going to be some version of a tee shirt, jeans and blazer.  don't compromise with a CM style thing... stay around and learn about the various brands and find those that suits how you want to look.   your current attempt looks like you pulled out some clothes from your mom/sister's closet, especially...
Welcome back Shryke, looks like you still like those super tight pants - although not April 77 this time haha.
i'm agreeing with noob and synthese.  the loafers are too incongruous not in a good way.   @AlexanderTG i really think those floral items would work better as separates :) i like the jacket though!  would shorten the sleeves a bit.   @nicelynice that's probably the nicest version of the junya patchwork blazer/jackets i've seen anywhere this season - great buy man.
Officer jacket is still available on mrporter in your size I think. Gentry has a quite toned down blazer version that looks great but 1400 usd or sth. @Parker I ended up buying a shirt instead from the current season haha. Spent my money on Margellons and jeans instead.
    Straw hat/ Needles / Muji / thoroughly denim / vans
looks pretty cool actually.  
really love that fit @the shah knit is especially nice.   mr + ms ghostface for maximum couple synergy (in the best way possible).  redc2 for best new troll.  cardigan is nice and the slouchiness of it is perfect.  i'd do a looser tee but that's a small issue. jeans color throws it off because it's too "dad jean" territory.  a dark indigo or maybe a different color like ecru/cream should work better. 
The blue linen scarf looks like it'll go with the casual workwearish stuff I think u wear. 2nd scarf looks more suited for tailored clothing imo. I prefer the 2nd one as the 1st one reminds me a bit of a hand towel or table linen for some reason.
I dunno man.. The items work v well as separates. No need to do a full suit which would definitely be in the realms of high risk high payoff. Not sure if t shirt will work. Maybe a linen shirt or seersucker shirt.
I'm usually a fan of your looks emristol but this tee cardi look seems a bit off. Jean color not helping.
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