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it is.. i considered kopping but it's out in my size (already) 
Lol u guys weren't kidding about camoshita... nicely done 👍👌
Where r u headed on holiday man? @cyc wid it @joykillers would wear everything exactly like this haha. But maybe the shirt looks a bit over saturated. Like it wld be cooler it was a bit more faded?
Awesome that Diniro is posting (regularly) again.  Fit is hot fire!      Really like those EG vans as well.   @Auximenes  nice shirt! you look like you need a straw hat! 
      Another japanese brand putting out cool sashiko/blue dyed products - Porter classic.  
I blame my job. (And boredom)
*hall of shame* I just made my first eBay purchase ever today and it was a supreme x undercover t shirt. I don't even do streetwear and I don't have any supreme 😞😓🙃 (it was the anatomy t shirt)
So is Eidos
Whoa Christian Kimber's new lower 5th mid tops look really cool. Hope someone looking for white sneaks kops them!
Let's play who pays more for cheese 😂 18 bucks for 200gm parmesan. Bargain packaged mozzarella for more than 10 bucks a packet (small). I have spent 80 bucks on about 4 wedges 100-150 gm each of presumably artisan French cheese (lol)
New Posts  All Forums: