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Hahahahah nice one @gdl203
ooguchi_e has such cool fits on insta.. feel like sacai is a brand i've been missing/neglecting..
That cardigan looks ridiculously scratchy heh
Dope ass coat @cyc wid it grail visvim boots too.
Btw Kyle you went mto/bespoke for your Formosa? 46 would still be too large right?
^ This is so so so awesome. Love it.
You're the front runner now! Nicely done!
Between that long shirt and grail sweater you've got like 2 of the top items of the last fw season in one fit 👍
I could/would wear a leather jacket when it's 80... 😅
Man those valstar makes seem to get better each season. Really like the green and brown leather versions
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