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Those shoes actually probably go better with what you wear than for me imo..
A whole bunch of junya stuff and this..... Damnitohell 💸💸💸 (but thanks for the heads up @onitaps) cheapest price I ever paid for gats I believe..
Hey duu... 😬
@the shah i'm all for elongated rises but many of these sarouel pants are drop crotch + sit at hips more than high rise i think.. combined with a tight aggressive taper... just leads to a silhouette with skin-tight calves and a huge hanging diaper butt..  not really very flattering..  
hey just in time for the upcoming fit challenge   @basil rathbone
Damn nahneun I nearly went ahead and bought those gats then I remembered all those baller sneaks I have and all I wear are dirty white vans 😞
What's the deal with sarouel pants? Especially with the aggressively tapered ones wouldn't you just end up with a massive diaper butt? - I don't mean that against s3lam just a random thought...
Those totally work for you man. I like them but don't really see how I'm going to work them into regular wear.. I have the white paint splatter gats which I've worn like 5 times since I got them a year ago 😥 (Ok sorry I know I know back to sales talk)
No not the paint splatter ones.. The white painted ones which are going for 450-500 plus on sale elsewhere...
My goodness that code allows me to get the painted gats for like 350 usd. So tempted zzz but have no idea what I'm going to wear with..
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