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You are always right on point dude.
the floral baker looks mighty awesome.  i'm moving away from florals but i'm still tempted by this..   
Pinkpantser is on a roll!  i think this fit is on the verge of being too costumey, but with that smirk u sure pull it off!  
@cyc wid it @t3hg0suazn @canstyleace  thanks so much for the recs!  Huge list but i'm gonna try and see if i can do some of these :)     Any SF folks have tips for  live music venues?  Bars/pubs that play good music - jazz, blues, rock etc.   i'll try and stop by MAC and unionmade.     Another RFT: after a year of all out prints i'm starting to feel like i want to do some "warm minimalism" that @dieworkwear has been describing.  what to do with the whole cupboard...
Hey guys, will be travelling to San Francisco early March with the wife.  Spending about 8 days there.  Any tips?     Am looking to spend maybe 3-4 days in the city and 4-5 days driving outside.  Food/wine/scenery/history/interesting sights/events would be great.  Shopping secondary!   Thanks in advance guys!!
^ beautiful colors man. Great photo too!
@fuuma i find the balenciaga pleated lows quite subtle actually.  stans would be ok too.  i guess i feel a leather sneaker wld be better rather than canvas.  
white CPs/balenciaga lows/SLPs etc (leather would be better) for me. Or something like the raf low holos.   to me something about the JPs doesn't quite go with the tailored sportswear outfit.  
lonermatt fit spoiled by the converse :(
@NYI why not one good picture rather than so many large blurry ones?  doesn't really do your fit many favors.     @randomthought: i think different colored trousers would be better.  maybe olive or brown.  what exactly is that blue inner lining? a long shirt?  
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