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thanks @mbaum was looking for stuff on the B1P pants too.  really like that print.     Looks like i'll have to try them on in person when i get to tokyo next month! 
@DLester dude. no deets on such an awesome fit?? 
@conceptual 4est  thankksss!!!  (already received!)       (i thought it looked good in the pictures but whoa it's awesome in real life.  with the hidden zips and compartments.  lots of nice details!  and that wool camo oh man.. 
@mbaum thanks!  those are cords from EG FW 2013 :)   
 details [[SPOILER]]
sorry if i missed this, but has anyone picked up the B1P pants?  really interested to know how it fits.  Looks pretty slim with an aggressive taper.  Anyone rec sizing up?  the waist can be cinched in with the side tabs right?  
^ while that is a terrible jumper, i find it hard pressed to take you seriously with your avatar like that.. 
Oh man that cardigan... I love this fit mbaum! The colours are perfect for fall
@mbaum the pic from the front looks good, but it does seem a bit too slim from the side though.  i believe that if you don't feel comfortable in it you probably should return.
that's overly harsh come on..  
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