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Thanks mbaum! I've checked most of the Europe and japan stockists I know - no luck for ghurka (out of stock) Corridor I've checked they have it in 30 but afraid it may be too tight. The consensus is to size up right? May just get the Truman instead from gentry
i know it's SS and there's no criticizing him here but i hate that hood! it doesn't look good in that NN pic either.
no idea.  i've only bought from them w a proxy (fromjapan)   btw, would appreciate if any of you guys can point me in the direction of any US stockists that sell homespun (any kind) of trousers.  preferably ghurka or cinch.  Will need a 30 or 32 (prob 32 if ghurka needs to be sized up)     no luck in my searches.  thks in adv!! 
i would've kopped, except i already have 2 andover jackets so i probably should get something else.. maybe a bedford next.  
you guys should check out the navy floral andover at secondstage man.. it's sick!       
thanks mikey, mbaum, @m4gdelen4 those are FW 13 cord fatigues.     i'm really liking the floral chambray this FW season.  i'll post up a fit some time soon..  have been wearing it a lot!  
damn cool boots dude.
thanks @mbaum was looking for stuff on the B1P pants too.  really like that print.     Looks like i'll have to try them on in person when i get to tokyo next month! 
@DLester dude. no deets on such an awesome fit?? 
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