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wouldn't you consider the whole social media/instagram/etc look-at-me!me!me! a subculture in itself?  
hey Parker that's a nice DIY job man! 
i really like it @shmoomentality  colors work, shoes are awesome.  great day-to-day fit.   i think @Classified_ should take note: slim straight > jeggings.
@nicelynice  you're still giving that jacket a go man :)  something still feels off about the whole fit.. i dunno if it's the AnS pants or the gats...  sorry i can't give something more constructive..
CDG flagship! (Junya is there too)
A+ fit Lorcan.  hair is looking even better now.
just the city i'd say 5 days.. 6 days tops.  unless you intend to do very heavy shopping. 
that's an archetypal middle age IT guy fit right there... everything fits ok if that's what you're going for.     u may be happier in a place like mc casual though tbh.  not sure if the favored aesthetic types here are what you're going to be looking for.
There's much to be said for having your own regular place though! That's the best feeling right. Hard to move away from that.. For me prob bar high five. These are more classic cocktails though which may be boring depending on your tastes..
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