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Whoa what's in it for them then?
I love that show!
Hahaha honestly u can't really tell these and vans apart at all except for nicer leather uppers. They are a whole lot more comfortable though. I think it's cos most of the internal stitching/surface is covered by vachetta leather. The branding is really lame though.
i wear white slip ons half the time.. usually go for vans which i thrash then repeat.  wanted something nicer recently so i went ahead and bought a pair of greats per a synthese rec to someone else a while back ("wooster" lame name i know).  have been wearing them pretty often.  i must say the materials are as nice as CPs..  the inner vachetta lining is really really comfortable as well.  i would def rec the slip ons, although the styling for the royales (the CP achilles...
https://www.grilled.com/listings/1351448-Dries-Van-Noten-LAST-DROP-Dries-Van-Noten-Hoodie-Duffel-Coat   insane price for an awesome item.  sub 500!  i would've jumped on it but i live along the equator ^___^
@the shah  i kinda missed this season.. i meant ss and fw16.  
past 2 seasons of junya have been really mehh for me.. dries too.  
Loved lala land! Really liked the soundtrack, cinematography, the sets and it was just stylistically very great for me.
sorry to hear that dude.. i think it may be too big (maybe 1/2 size?).  fwiw i don't have any heel slippage or much spare room in the front. on the bright side it should be an easy flip.     edit @bry2000 not with my EG/needles stuff which is at the much more casual end of the spectrum.. 
Bry2000 that means fit for you right? Great! Erm I was going to wear them with my less casual stuff like trousers (VB flares) and some dries. I have a pair of patchwork junya denim and some random cdg stuff that I will prob wear it with too. Basically it's good for dressed up SWD.. like the stuff mumma, Fokken or fuuma does. Or some of Parker's more formalish fits.. (yohji for eg)
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