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yeah, i was thinking this exact same thing.   kinda keeps in line with the super repro look that jacket has (it looks like a real mccoy's buco jacket)
I really loved the park hyatt - worth the baller charges maybe. Park hotel (not Hyatt) is 1/3 the price and has a nice Tokyo tower view ( more cbd kinda location but nearer to tsukiji iirc) I liked sunroute shinjuku for the budget option.
wouldn't you consider the whole social media/instagram/etc look-at-me!me!me! a subculture in itself?  
hey Parker that's a nice DIY job man! 
i really like it @shmoomentality  colors work, shoes are awesome.  great day-to-day fit.   i think @Classified_ should take note: slim straight > jeggings.
@nicelynice  you're still giving that jacket a go man :)  something still feels off about the whole fit.. i dunno if it's the AnS pants or the gats...  sorry i can't give something more constructive..
CDG flagship! (Junya is there too)
A+ fit Lorcan.  hair is looking even better now.
just the city i'd say 5 days.. 6 days tops.  unless you intend to do very heavy shopping. 
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