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would have preferred lame white stans with the fit but i still like it 
Hey CD, have you tried buttoning the top button of your eg jacket? I follow this guy call choitaco on insta and he does it a lot. Looks great.
The harnden color is like a phlegmy green and really unattractive man.
May be juuuust a tad Victorian costumey for me but u pull it off man. Good idea keeping the rest of the outfit clean and muted.
TTS.  i usually take S and that worked for me.   @conceptual 4est   
Hey 4est is that eidos suit mtm or a size 46?
i have that print on a shirt!   http://t-e-f.co.uk/  - it's @oucho 's label
^         i feel like i've just won at life
Hmm, how about the straw hat?  Is the sizing different for that one? 
Have been looking for a straw hat for a while now and rollable is a huge huge bonus esp for travelling.  Instakopped a 2 which i'm assuming would be right for a 59 cm circum.
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