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those boots are so fucking awesome.  my God.   i really love that outfit @soqueriaterum.  
caveat i think you should return both.. really unflattering.
yeah, fox please get roomier trousers for the next make.  if it looks like this from the front it can't be a nice silhouette from the back.     also i think if you're going to get trousers that high rise, you should get them pleated.  it looks kinda weird otherwise (like there's too much spare fabric)     @elisiX looks good man!
that EG SS14 navy andover is one of my fav items of clothing.  it's just amazingly light.  
these are so awesome..          
i can't really get the more formal high rise pants with the casual rest of outfit in hendrix's fit..     @Cotton Dockers     @Lorcan7 dude i think a camo jacket would be damn awesome for your look, but i think that overdye job could be better heh.  color didn't come out quite right.
i dunno nn.. i don't really find the rick outfits you've been doing recently v flattering man.  and i'm usually a big fan of your fits.  
i think it's a cool jacket.  not difficult at all to match with stuff.
the prints are great again for sure.  hopefully some of the japanese shops will carry more interesting printed jackets/pants.
  EG with jeans!  i like how the SS floral stuff goes with some loose(r) fit faded denim.  
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