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Thanks guys. Canstyleace the jacket is blue with black satin lapels.
yeah, @Cotton Dockers i agree with notwithit.  would swap out the cons.  birk clogs, or maybe a chunky derby.  or vans slip ons for me.  i think the jacket is a nice basic item.  fits great on you and will leave you a lot of room to try different stuff with, if you were inclined to.  
      dries shirt.  iris suit.  lanvin shoes
@ghostface sell me that bag I need it!!! Love the shirt man. I do wish u wore lighter colored trousers though.
Thanks stitchy and 4est :)    still trying to figure out what to do with that ecru blazer.  i think that fit could be better!  
mbaum that is fantastic.   some items courtesy of NMWA (thanks!  @conceptual 4est)     haversack jacket/ camoshita shirt/ vanda square / carmina x 2/ berangere claire      man 1924/ niche x2 / acne
sounds like fun! (sounds like what i wear every other day )
cote el ciel rucksacks are really nice!  i bought one for my gf a while back in brown.  
@Cotton Dockers i think tucking in the shirt might be a better option in this fit.  nice jacket!    will look good with green fatigues too.
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