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@MementoMori the fit as a whole isn't visually arresting enough.  i like the shirt and the sneakers.  the coat covers the cool shirt details though.  and it is a plain navy jacket without interesting details or texture..
i'm... shocked!  i honestly thought AnF was still lame logo polo tees.  This kinda looks like club monaco.. haha (in an alternate reality i would wear club monaco for sure)
Nice Schneider cardigan man! Are those the og painted gats? That venerri pic is just totally ripe for a meme too.
I don't know man... city, utd, pool and spurs all look stronger at the moment.
I don't know which is worse... the jeans or the pose :/
Tuchel. Or maurizio sarri. Simeone is a pretty great choice for Arsenal but from what I read he's always going to go to inter next.
Oh my goodness that gif nahn. You've outdone yourself 👍 It's hypnotic 😶
:/ random CE thoughts... -________-
Dirty-ish plaster leather gats. Fwiw I think for the look you have in mind they should work better than the linen ones which would be more like slim jeans and geller stuff.
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