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thanks for the heads up man!!
i'm pretty tempted by the brown paisley velveteen jacket on loftman, but i'm not exactly sure if i  should get S or M..  measurements seem to differ shop to shop
how is it that a wrinkled blazer equates to harnden?    nice interview guys! 
how thick are these actually?  definitely a winter affair?  
Damn c4est that's killerrrr
Hey Ben how do you find the rokin shoes?  they look great!  
Where are you guys getting that orange brown robe thing? I'm sorely tempted by the pics (but there's truly no way I can wear it where I live)
@cyc wid it i got bored and curled my floppy hair (lol) 
it definitely fits better.   maybe i'm boring but i find that the puffy cargo pockets just look kinda awkward..
nice shoes stanley 
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