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Undercover fw16 and ss17!! Will try and get some images later
@ThaiToast  those dries pants are so great.   so close to getting them but in the end the price was prohibitive :(    @lawlercon that's some nice EG.. which season is that jacket from?
I think you should get it curled/permed (0)
Dude you should model for EG.
@Lorcan7  that's perfect dude.  really, really nice.     @Fokken love the fits on your insta.  hope you post more here in the future :) 
Thanks man. I have 8 days. And we are going to drive!
hey dudes, any recommendations for hokkaido?  hot springs.. cool sights.. food... etc.  will be visiting late august/early september (then heading to tokyoooo)
@nicelynice not a fan of the shoes in this fit (just feel like it needs something more chill) but shirt and pants are awessummm.   @notwithit with your build OTR stuff will look great as is (see MMM jacket). why bother with MTO?  I'd agree increasing body length.  The collar gap may actually be because of the chest being too tight. Sleeves are also a bit loose. 
Haha I forgot about that! Kaya toast to us is kinda like u guys eating marmalade or jam on toast you know? Fwiw most of us hate the humidity too.. You don't get used to it. Max of two layers for me. And if I need to wander around in the sun (which I don't at midday) I take off my jacket. If I'm going to be sightseeing the entire day I'm definitely going to be in a t shirt or light shirt.
personally i would prefer if the tee was a size bigger.. 
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