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Dulcamara pants have such a great shape. Too bad they are sold out everywhere I look!
Petunia t shirt bros @flowcharts
Thanks Frank. Thumb-farming wise going against a dries long coat is like trying to out-farm dude with a radiance/battlefury though 😅
@t3hg0suazn on the subject of long shirts.. does anyone rem when we were talking about kurtas?  i'm sort of looking for a kurta style long shirt..  
Inspired/stolen/bought from @oucho   T-e-f/junya/erkn    
oh man..  that's as close to perfect as a fit pic gets.     weather looks fantastic! 
Sad that they didn't have the 5 zip my size.. Did u get it? @cyc wid it
http://www.farfetch.com/sg/shopping/men/maison-margiela--replica-sneakers-item-11358486.aspx?storeid=9336&from=1&ffref=lp_pic_36_85_   people should grab these.. ace sneakers.
Cyc u should totally get that suede 5 zip. It's freaking awesome
Singapore. I agree w you that it's stupid as those items actually were up maybe just 2 months ago max.
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