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Er what do you like about them? They look kinda off..
Damn Tokyo gang coming through with some awesome pics. Auximenes, actually even derbies would look cool. Nicely awesome colours!
I dunno why I thought macklemore straightaway
How does $111 including free international shipping to Asia sound? (Just keeeeding)
Tweefend, nice as usual! love your fits keep it up 👍
Those are prob from the rg sample sale on SF market a couple of years ago. Most of the stuff disappeared instantly
Just saw a cool fit of this on insta but dude is really slim!!@thekoromo I think
Omg chetb knocking it out of the park!!
Back in the day (before SWD) a canali kei jacket was like a Grail for me heh. Unstructured jacket, casual shirt or tee, cropped chinos, loafers and a pair of aviators. I also think that the oatmeal tan one you're eyeing is a great color, esp for california
New Posts  All Forums: