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^ I love the stuff at gentrynyc!
That is so damn awesome Lorcan
  kop out since i'm not baller enough for full price dries :/   or pay 3 times more for the dries verson....................  
@steveoffice cooool stuff. why those vass over your raf though?  the shape seems more optimal.  the vass is kinda pointy. 
Always looking forward to your fits e0d. That blazer deserves better pics man.
Breezy's kidding. They're all so awesome in different ways and that's why swd waywt is so great.
For what I can imagine wearing those slip ons for the canvas version just seems like a better idea.
@cyc wid it imagine wearing all of those 3 together 
Jisjust eat then. Tokyo is foodie Mecca for me )
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