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Yeah he dresses pretty great nowadays
Moo fit would be better with different jeans. The color on those don't work with your lanvin shoes . @VitaTimH your fits are so much better with fuller trousers. Those skinny soloist trousers bring it down a notch or two previously.
Killer fit @agvs   Ever thought about having a shorter hair cut?  You always look great but it seems you look even better with a more clean shaven look.   
      still looks pretty damn cool to me man.
A+ psydle and wormwood. glad you guys are posting fits here!   those A1923 red side zips are insanely nice.
It's great man. Pity I only get to wear it abroad on holiday.
Lol I'm not walking anywhere in that temp. AC all the way
I wear it in 30 deg c weather (layered over a t shirt) but I'm SEAsian. V breathable and light.
Hahaha @BreezyBirch Kg that's really great man. Really nicely done. No half measures there. Mumma looking cool as always
Dat game of thrones backdrop...
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