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i promise i'll do better than that Barney's fit!  thanks @the shah for enabling :) 
thanks dude.  this model is the most expensive this FW 14 from Junya.. retail is about 86k yen.  i don't love it though... i just can't seem to find any nice patchwork junya denim around at a reasonable price..  
800 bucks after proxy and shipping probably
^ i don't know man...
i see kgfan didn't want to win his own challenge heh.  @mbaum is the best solo participant for me!  
i'm quite chuffed that i bought a pair of black acne max cash for 115 euros inclusive of everything after the tres bien code (sorry not sorry for being basic) 
the trousers.
i think that uniform exp jacket looks great.  i'd kop if it were my size and price is right.
@dieworkwear you have too many jackets!! Sell some to me!!
btw i've tried on that hooded down vest in brown wool HB before, and it's reallllly sick.  u guys living in colder climes definitely definitely should consider getting it.  really awesome and comfy piece.  
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