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20 dollars is cheap! (70usd)
@metranger8694 ya i think you could wear it out in a louche-y old margiela like way with cream/oatmeal/beige/khaki linen/cotton kinda tee + slacks... but i mean that's just my personal preference.. if you're at home and just rocking a robe, do whatever man!    @e0d9n0b5 nice job man!! 
So much good outerwear though.. how are you guys going to buy all of it?
Metranger nice coat but the t shirt is all wrong. Why would you do cyan with that? E0d you look like you lost a bunch of weight! Nice fit.
I don't know how I feel about all that fur up front man...
@PiliNice fadezz SF2010 Hey Bill Murray's posting on SF
  Undercover rider.  one popped up on grilled in my size.  i'm happy to say it fits perfectly... leather isn't anything to shout about, but i think it looks pretty cool haha. 
Whoa that's a good price!!!
http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k227414047 soloist suede jacket ala diniro.
lol i saw this and panicked a bit.. so i bought the last monitaly olive 38 
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