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Not sure if this has already been on here before - Roger Cook radio documentary on the Tilbury skins from 1980 for anyone interested.
  +1  can't be arsed with all this 'I'm an instigator' bollocks either   Roy - was talking to a chap at the weekend who was on about an old Chelsea face called Bill Finney I think? Ring any bells?
That photo was posted earlier on this thread. Said they were Barrow but pretty certain they're not.Still, they're definitely scruffy enough to be from up my way
Pleased to report I haven't had creases in my jeans since junior school    On a different theme, a nice pic of an original Italian bomber from '68:  
Another one for the older chaps - centre creases as a rule on all non-jeans strides or was it a matter of individual preference?
  Cheers, was looking at getting a couple for work but don't think I'll bother now
Anyone know much about Britac shirts? Couple of nice designs on their site but don't know anything about their quality or fit.   Any advice gratefully received as always chaps 
  Don Letts in 1970.      
  More Chelsea from 1970. Jean patches?  
      Nice boots Roy. Cheers for the replies gents. I tend to wear dessies all the time these days even if they are not 'technically' skinhead kit but I'm another who's not interested in faithfully replicating the detail. Like Brideshead says, I tend to use it as a yardstick.   Might have to get some photos up now so you can all tell me how shit I look    
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