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I just ordered a pair of Red Wing 2970 Engineer boots and am super excited. I bought a pair of 1907 boots a earlier in the year and I am kind of glad they were too small since the last thing I need in my closet is another pair of 6" boots. I sold them to my neighbor for cheap to fund a motorcycle boot. Since I don't have a boot taller then 6" I went with the 2970. I was in the air between 877 and 2970, I would have preferred laces, but I was looking for a 10"-12" boot...
THANKS! I am sending you a private message.
Does anyone have information on the boot company Buffalo Boots? Apparently built by white's from what I understand but can not find anything from searching. I am looking at a pair of smokejumpers online that are labeled and stamped Buffalo Boots Spokane WA. They also look to be either Bullhide or Voyager black but cannot tell. Any idea on how old these might be?   Any insight is appreciated!   thanks
  Anyone have any insight on dressing down? I am looking at purchasing a pair of players in walnut for daily summer wear. What is the most casual dress without looking foolish for a shoe like these?   I typically wear blue jeans and a dark t shirt or light weight button up for putting around town. I have a few pairs of nice boots, White's SD and Wolverine Addison's and would like something lighter and more casual to wear as in the photo.   thanks, Brian
Thanks guys, White's Boots Nomad Engineer Heel Base Standard, Heel Lifts Standard, Edge Natural, Size - Width D (medium), Size - Length 8.5, Toe Vamp Leather Brown Smooth, Upper (Shaft) Leather Brown Smooth, Midsole Double, Counter Leather Brown Smooth, Sole Vibram 430 Mini Vib I like the idea of 2 tone for these considering 90% of the time most will be under my pants but I don't know how I would decide on a 2 tone combo?
Looking for insight on whites nomad engineer boots. I plan on purchasing a pair around Christmas for my motorcycle. Tips on leather, color and sole? I'm thinking double mid sole even though kyle at bakers talked me out of it in my SD's and they broke in very quickly. Thanks!
I took a California motorcycle safety class this weekend and rode a bike for the first time. Super fun and my boots worked out great while riding AND crashing. I drug my right foot peg during a 30mph 180 degree turn. No injury to the bike or my body short of a small raspberry on my elbow. I'm sure Ill have fun cleaning this one up…
My CXL SD's are lined. My CXL 1,000 miles are not lined. My feet have never been cold even standing in the snow with my SD's.
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