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Picked up some lexol today and ordered and received my obenaufs last week. Got started cleaning on the left boot today. Going to oil them with obenaufs after. Right boot Left boot (I began cleaning with lexol).
I am days awayyyy
I want some red dog oxfords with a standard Cuban heel now.
Just a funny angle In the photo
Thanks again guys for helping. I started cleaning my right boot and I like what I see so far. I am going to clean over and over until I get all the grime out/off I can before I oil. After I oil I will sno seal lightly if I have not already picked up LP. Here is a comparison after cleaning my right boot twice.    
Picked up some Bickmore shoe cleaner today. Wipe down Brush Use cleaner Allow to dry Oil Allow to dry I don't have LP but I have sno seal?
I took better photos today of my boots. I don't care what color they are, patina is patina to me as long as the leather is healthy. I don't have many good cobblers around for saddle soaps and oils but I do have lexol leather cleaner, redwing oil, redwing shoe cleaner and a few other randoms never mentioned here available locally.
Thanks for the help guys, I used redwing oil on a natural deer skin belt and the next day it was back to normal color. I do not own saddle soap, any home brews or could I pick up some redwing saddle soap and follow up with the oil? These clean up nice and the photo was after two weeks of daily work wear and no brushing. The toes are defiantly stainded very dark though
My natural cxl SD's are begining to crease badly as in near damaging. The color is wild, my toes are almost black with natural light spots in the flexing areas. My point is I'm worried about what any oil usage for avoid any leather damage will make them look like. Anyone use oil on natty cxl? I have redwing boot oil handy. l
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