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 I really like the direction you are going. What other leather are you thinking with the navy cxl?
Sweet!I am looking forward to the photos!
I figured it out for now. This has been holding correctly for a day an a half.    
  Thanks,I did that last night and have had issues all day with the false tongue sliding down.  And OH MY are these awesome boots!Super comfy yet still very stiff in the ankles.So glad I went with the double midsole also, very happy with how they walk.
One coat of LP and some brushing done so far. Doing to same and another coat tomorrow.
Cleaning these up has been alot of work. The I cleaned up the toe so well the nasty creases are now smooth again. Not sure if I'm going to oil them and or LP them next.
Thanks! I'm super happy with how they turned out.False tounges are in, photos coming soon.
     Does anyone have any tips on tucking the tounge properly when lacing? The leather is stiff new and this is my first boot this tall that uses laces. Thanks,Brian
Thank you for the compliment @4characters   I am wondering if anyone on here may have experience with cleaning natural cxl? I started cleaning my left boot as photographed above. I am using lexol leather cleaner and having great results so far. I paused while cleaning the left boot as I worried myself since I've never really done this and want to avoid creating damage. I still can find a lot of places on left boot (like on the outside toe near the sole) but stopped. let...
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