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Has anyone seen or have a photo of a medallion cap toe with a steel toe? I'm thinking about some 8" steel toe bounty hunters in black with a medallion toe for when I want to hop off the motorcycle and look snazzy. Any I want another black boot, I like cap toes and do not own any yet, and I don't own anything steel toe so I feel this would be a great boot to start.
 Hey Shivman,Any update on these? I'm planning the same in 8" soon in black.
Can anyone suggest me laces for my 12" smoke jumpers which I like to wrap at the top once if not twice before tying. I have been using whites leather laces and my hands burn from lacing them up. My brass eyelets are thick so I really have to yank the lace each time to get it IN the eyelet. I feel like I hardly wear them during the week since I can't bring myself to lace em up at 630 am for a motocycle commute all the way to a desk. Keep style in mind... Untitled by...
 Looking very good! I am brainstorming on some bounty hunters or something similar. What leather and height? Post up the specs if you can.
Wandering around today  
Smokejumpers are finally broken in well. If they didn't take so damn long to lace up I'd wear them to work everyday. 12" high boots aren't appealing at 6:30 am on the way to the office.
I have a pair of 1907 size 8.5 that are too small for me. I wore them for a few days and went on a short hike. I am wondering if anyone has a size 9 red wing boot to trade. I'm open to just about any boot. I will take photos if there is any interest.
Close, gopher canyon.
12" Custom Smokejumpers (Break in tip - oil the tonged - Thanks Kyle)    
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