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target mossimo ...slim fit, $20 awesome.
Dark Days is pretty good. It follows a guy who brings a camera down underneath abandoned subways in NYC and reveals the little towns of people who lived there. Some had built little houses and everything. The bad news was a lot were getting TB, which left untreated will kill you. (TB is susceptible to UV light, so living underground is not a good idea.) cool sountrack too by DJ Shadow
dude that blows a coolpix away. Its a MILC camera. its like a cross between a point and shoot and a SLR, it does both but is almost as small mas a PAS.the most important thing with any camera is the lens. and this has one of the its made by or for leica and has that great classic leica styleing. that is to say: it looks cool.
just lie on your application. Its a waiting job who give a shit?
as for cheaper ones I have a Sony Cybershot and its pretty good...all the sub $200 ones are about the same quality (cybershot, cool pix et al) hard to find a really bad camera these days.
a little out of your price range but i would seriously consider getting one of these: youd be hard pressed to find a better camera at any price range. for what you describe its perfect.
not really
anyone wear the John Varvatos Hipster Chukka? Stupid name but they look decent...I can get a 33% Nordstrom discount on anything
Target, $8 (on sale). Canvas looks a lot better beat up than leather. And off-white goes with everything whereas white-white is hard to pull off.
Quote: Originally Posted by *#.. I've ordered shoes in the afternoon, and they were on my doorstep the next day. . yeah they are stupid fast. Twilight Zone/Outter Limits fast. The only thing comparable was a guitar from Japan I got delivered on a Sunday. That said shoebuy is normal 3-5 days.
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