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How slim is the charcoal donegal workshirt? I'm concerned that it might run too slim or short. Which size did you get and was it TTS?Thanks!
I agree. I have 7 pairs of Aldens and the Chukkas are easily my least favorite because they always feel a little loose and sloppy. The blooming on the creases doesn't help either.
It was already a wide width. I didn't want to get an EE.
Leffot told me to order the same size in Grant as in Barrie. Big mistake. I should have ordered the same width, but a half size larger. YMMV.
I just received the one I ordered from them the other day. Beautifully and artfully wrapped, if that matters to you. The stark is actually the army green mix, despite what the website says. BTW, I used the code SIRHILLARY15 for an additional 15% off.I was impressed by service Mutiny DC provided and the stark looks good and fits very well.
There is still a Stark at End I'd like to get, but I can't seem to find a promo code. Does anyone know of any? Thanks!
I'm 6'2" and have the triple grey in XL. It isn't the least bit short.
Is Mr Porter likely to increase the percentage off beyond 30% before the sale ends on December 2? Thanks!
Some stuff is 30% off now.
I just got the XL in the triple grey. It seems to be the same size as my triple blue mix from a year or two ago. I agree that it is fitted. I'm 6'2", 188 lbs and can't imagine wanting it more fitted. If it is shorter than other models, then the other models must be awfully long, because, at least in the XL, the Stark is not at all short.Does anyone know if there will be a new Fang model this year? I like the Fang just as much, maybe more, than the Stark.
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