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      Thanks! It seems to be very well made. I think I'll be wearing this thing for a good long while.
It's nothing too special, but for some reason this vintage Fieldmaster green corduroy jacket I thrifted yesterday strikes me in all the right ways. All these years and nary a mark nor misplaced thread! I'm a sucker for all (most) things corduroy. It fits like an old friend. Who can deny such a lovely piece for $3 on the rack?   I can't find any other labeling, but from what little I see around online this one is probably from the 50's or 60's. Anyone know anything...
Price for shipping included, CONUS only please.   The soles measure 12 1/4 " long and 4 1/2" wide on the outside. Beefy welt on these old gunboats!   As best as I can tell, the inside measures approximately 10 3/4" long and 3 11/16" wide.   Inside measurements are, of course, a very imprecise thing, but there you have it. Though these do not fit me, as I understand, vintage Florsheim longwings fit quite true to size.  Please be aware of your measurements...
Looks like I chose the wrong date to move.  I'm moving to Atlanta first week of March.  Oh well, more meetups in the future, perhaps.
Thank you for your replies.  I'll likely be throwing these up in the sale section pretty soon. With hope, I'll get a decent price for them, or perhaps I'll be lucky enough to get a trade for some longwing shell in my size.
I'm new to the lovely world of sartorial excitement, and I recently found what look to be a solid pair of vintage Florsheim Imperial Longwings in shell cordovan. Unfortunately, they are not my size (9C, and I'm a 10D), so I'll be looking to flip them later, but I wanted to confirm that I am not crazy and these are indeed cordovan. The creasing seems consistent with all the pictures of used shell I've seen, and the shoe buffed up beautifully with only the lightest glaze...
These are beautiful shoes.  Please apply a shrinking ray long enough to reduce them to 10D.
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