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If you're in Brum, go to the Crockett & Jones shop on Colmore Row by Snow Hill Station and have a look in there. I rate their shoes and you're very lucky to have a local shop where you can pop in and try different styles and shapes. Tell them Ben pointed you in their direction, they'll know who you mean!
 We should link up for lunch and shopping over there at some point over the summer, matey...
Such language... [[SPOILER]]
 Cheers, pal! That suit has a lovely ginger pinstripe on a dark grey wool/cashmere background - my tailor made it for someone else who never collected it so I picked it up for a steal! Looks fantastic with my old Church's 'Buck' suede brogues...wearing the C&J 'Hastings' made for Purdey in that pic... I was about to make an inappropriate joke about Mrs Slocombe's cat, but thought better of it... :D
 It is very nice, isn't it? Popped into the local C&J shop on Monday afternoon as I was passing by. Not often I wear a suit, so almost feels like I'm channeling John Inman in this pic: 
 Looks like they managed to 'develop' one at the same time as shearling lining, which was a flat refusal from Jonathan Jones himself when I mooted the idea...and they also managed to line this Snowdon, too...
You can change the last but it's normally restricted to a select few relative to the original last. Costs fifty quid extra and was something I considered with my Snowdon MTO.
Very kind, cheers!
   First time I went into the Birmingham shop here, I was wearing trainers and jeans and I have full tattooed sleeves which were on show and I was treated like royalty. That initial courtesy has paid off well for the company as C&J boots dominate my collection, and I have quite a collection to speak of...  Interesting, because I'm planning on replacing the (studded) Dainite soles on most or all of my boots when the time comes, and replacing them with either Ridgeway,...
Well-worded description; I'm sure I've seen it somewhere before... ;)
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