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There's a spoilered series of pics I posted somewhere in the thread about 18 months ago where I showed all the boots and shoes I owned at the time.I've since slimmed the collection down significantly and actually wear trainers a lot of the time now.I'll try and get a veldt pic up at the weekend, six pairs in total of which three are proper Galways.
 Agree. I'm going to downsize by Galway collection soon for the exact same reason. Nice to have the choice, but with also having veldt models from C&J, Cheaney and Lotus I've got too many pairs of similar-purpose boots...
Was it an eagle-eyed member off here who picked these up? Stunning condition, but the zug used by EG back in the day never even seemed to crease...
They dont recommend shell for any kind of boot or show which is destined for much outdoor use at all. And you're right about the leather bruising due to the way the uppers are turned out to be stitched to the missile. That particular convo was about whisky shell in particular.They will only produce veldt footwear using a limited range of thick, water resistant leathers.
I might pop by for a cuppa today if I've got time. No interest in the sale though.
 Check first whether it's actually nubuck or rough-out as they've previously referred to that leather as the latter. No idea about nubuck, but some people treat rough-out with Sno-seal or dubbin of some other form. I haven't bothered with my rough-out Snowdons as I like the lighter shades of brown that come through as the creases form in the rough-out - dubbin will darken these although add an extra layer of water resistance.   
So those would probably fit you? And yeah, same construction as an original 64 last Galway.
They're country calf, and Namor, Farhad and I have that pair!
Nice, Farhad!   These veldts mahogany country calf or something else? Similar to my H&H Galway colour, which I think is too brown to be rosewood. Would have been nicer a full size down...        
Only looked up halfway through it just now on the evening news, but looks like the Beeb filmed at the C&J factory today to get some reaction to the Chancellor's Autumn Statement...   Nothing to add, but plenty of nice things on show!
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